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June 14, 2022 2 min read

Would you like to know the true power of INTEGRATION and how to integrate after you have kinesiology balance or healing appointment ? Say YES :)

Knowing how to allow the new vibration or balanced state to settle, recalibrate, adjust, digest, assimilate and ground is always wise!

Sometimes integration can feel instant and sometimes the shifts from your goal/balance may make more sense and be embodied after a few days.

Everyone is different!

The key is to honour you!

And trust that intention alone has the power to heal and clear :)

The rest is a beautiful cocreation between you and all that is.

Say YES to this JOY energy balance:

I know how to have joy
I know how to live with joy
I know what joy feels like
I know what brings me joy
I know how to find joy in all that is
I understand joy
I know the creators perspective or joy
I am teammates with joy
I know that joy improves my health
I understand how to eat foods that nourish joy
I know how to feed myself joy
I generate joy from inside out
Joy is my birth right
I balance joy in my day to day life
I breathe in joy daily
I know how to unplug from group consciousness fear
I know how to process my grief
I know how to turn grief into joy
I honour all emotions.
I know how to instantly deal with and resolve my triggers when necessary
I know how to recieve healing for any stress, stress disorder and ptsd
I know how to and I do live my daily life with safety, stability and grounding
Nature heals me
Love heals me
Care heals me
Rest heals me
Water heals me
Fire heals me
Air heals me
Wood heals me
Music heals me
Breath heals me
Timelessness heals me
Presence heals me
I know how to be present
I understand what presence means and how to embody it
I know how to live without needing to disassociate
It’s safe to embody
It’s safe to deal with my past
I know how to heal safely
I know how to take medicine with discernment
I know how to feel with comfort and complete surrender
I know how to heal with comfort and ease
I understand life completely
I can accept life, all aspects of life
I do let go of social media addiction

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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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