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Holistic Kinesiology integrates a variety of complementary therapies such as counselling, postural work, massage, acupressure, eastern medicine & energetic medicine.

The fundamental idea of Kinesiology is that the body has its own innate healing intelligence and is doing its best to care for itself, however sometimes needs assistance to achieve its state of homeostasis (balance).

Kinesiology aims to identify existing stress patterns in the body & energy systems using its primary biofeedback method of muscle monitoring, a gentle technique that accesses subconscious information via the muscular system and nervous system.

When our body, mind and spirit are in harmony, we experience an uplifting state of wellness and vitality. This is what kinesiology can help you achieve.

Kinesiology has many benefits. You can work on anything you desire. For example: de-stress, creativity, health, focus & energy levels.

Benefits of Kinesiology include:

-Alleviating anxiety and stress
-Restoring & harmonising the nervous system
-Experience deep relaxation, calm & grounding.
-Easing & improving postural issues
-Enhancing performance & decision making
-Increase brain function, learning and comprehension
-Refining and boosting creative flow
-Dealing with major change/s
-Overcoming fears and past traumas
-Improve behavioural problems
-Easing pain issues (incl headaches & migraines)
-Weight goals
-Helping sleep routines & being well rested
-Assisting with digestion issues

Kinesiology works on a deeper energetic level, beyond the symptoms. Kinesiology does not treat diseases, nor does it diagnose them. Kinesiology works with imbalances in the body’s energy.

Muscle Monitoring is the primary method of feedback in kinesiology. This protocol is used to discover stress stored in the unconscious mind and energy field and helps identify the right techniques you need to achieve your goal.
This feedback finds the cause of imbalances in the bodies (emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. For example, by applying a small amount of pressure on the arm or hand, the muscle associated will respond with feedback on a possible stressor, such as a particular emotion, food, chemical, toxin and so fourth.​A common metaphor for muscle monitoring is the use of a computer mouse. A computer needs a mouse that you can move/hold to click on the screen and access the information stored in the computer’s hard drive or memory.
Our muscles are like a computer’s mouse and can be used to access all the information stored in your body’s “hard drive”(Hard drive= Unconscious mind/energy bitfield). Kinesiologists are trained in searching and deciphering the information accessed from the body, putting together pieces of information, stacking the information & bypassing the conscious mind, going deep into the subconscious.​Muscle Monitoring techniques not only identify the imbalances but can access information to correct energy blockages within the body. The answers to wellness & vitality are inside you.
Muscle monitoring is a natural feedback system which receives information via nerve pathways and the meridian system of the Brain and Body.

Kinesiology is a natural therapy that harmonises eastern & western philosophies of health and wellbeing. Kinesiologists are trained in methods of that address the whole person (mind, body & soul).

Soul Centred Kinesiology takes this modality to a different dimension, further integrating Spiritual & Metaphysical philosophies of Health with Meditation, Mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Shamanic Energy Medicine. Many of the techniques & teachings reference the world of Quantum Physics, that looks at the world of Vibration & Energy.

Many of the techniques & areas covered include:

-Creative Visualisation
-Shamanic Healing
-Flower Essences
-Meditate to Oneness, transcend the mind.
-Past Life & Future Life Regression/Progression
-Sound Healing for cleansing the auric field.
-Prayers & Invocations
-Angelic & Crystal Healing
-Divine Breathwork
-Healing Soul Wounds
-Discovering Life purpose & Soul Purpose
-Uncovering & releasing Karmic Patterns
-Installing new patterns and emotions
-Emotional Freedom Techniques & releasing emotions of the past.
-Changing Beliefs that govern reality
-So much more.

Soul Centred sessions range from 60-90 minutes.
The more sessions you have, the better the body adapts to the new states of being.
A minimum of two sessions within a two week period is recommended. An ongoing self-care regimen is highly recommended on a fortnightly and/or monthly basis.
For example:
1. Initial Consultation: Week 1
2. Follow up session: Week 3
3. Upkeep & Deeper Healing: Week 5
4. Ongoing session: Week 8

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