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Live Portal and Virtual Retreat
Membership & Bonus Master Activations

The Genius live portal is now open, and this is the chance to secure the founders rate and join for half price: $49.95 (or get two months free on the annual plan) before the price doubles.

Here's the invitation:

There is a metaphysical mystery here – a universal secret – that will change how you see yourself and your world.

You're about to be part of something magnificent and revolutionary.


This invitation supports you in the upgrade you’re creating for yourself.

Welcome to Genius!

Genius is an ever-evolving portal and interactive live virtual retreat – membership!

Inside this activated space you will:

Shed physical and emotional weight

Increase your magnetism as a coach/mentor/healer/energy worker

Shift your paradigm and help others shift theirs

Expand your income and wealth

Master your message so soul clients hear and pay you

Fall in love with your body, message and help others love theirs

Upgrade your nourishment choices

Upgrade your movement

Increase your health and heal your nervous system

Begin to glow as your enlightenment is activated

Learn how to help others enlighten their bodies and therefore contribute to the world awakening  


"Pure magic, thank you" - Genius member

This virtual sanctuary is here to evolve your soul & body, catalysing your energy to exist and operate in all the dimensions of the beloved.

Here, you will learn how to catalyse yourself, develop your contemplative life and root your sovereign and wild stance.

Here you will generate and augment the life transformation, healing and soul medicine that is divinely and purely you.

You will activate and evolve your channel of divine genius medicine from within and inhabit the real presence of every moment with devotion and detachment.  

"I'm just getting to the Genius 2 activation now and I'm only 30 mins in and wow, so many golden nuggets in there. I keep rewinding to let it all sink in.

Just LOVING the activations - it's like it's come at the perfect timing. Really looking forward to listening to all the other activations that follow. " - Genius Member

The Genius portal will require you to adventure into the unknown and these offerings are not teachings, rather simultaneously experiential, life-enhancing explorations and activations, delving into the depths of the heart, infinite silence and consciousness to open you to your inherent potential for the genius that long has been hidden from view.

This portal will lead you towards your innate and universal brilliance and medicine that lives deep within your bones.

May you enjoy these gifts of awareness.

What is the Divine Genius?

Is it what you are when you are in your pure state of consciousness, unknowable, the still, loving and silent form of awareness?


Is it what you become when you correct all applications of intelligence?


When you adorn yourself with all knowledge by living an intelligent life without negativity, including no lack, survival, fear, separation, anger or hate?


This portal offers you the crossing of the threshold to explore more about the limitless nature of your being that is magnetically unique and divinely treasured.


You are a masterpiece of the mysteries of the universe.


The more you embrace this, the more you will feel light, free and creatively expressive.


In this realm, I'm going to show you how to reignite the power of your original heart-mind in this mystical, live and intimate retreat.


Do you have a passionate and creative side deep within you that needs a chance to shine?


Would you love to unlock your potential and confidence by trusting yourself with a series that will connect you to the absolute genius that is you?


Would you love to live as the artist of your domain?


To embody the already conscious infinite creator where anything is possible?


Genius is the natural path of least resistance where you now choose the expression of your highest, most honest and authentic truth.


I invite you to enter this portal if you are ready to live by your word, magic, integrity, health, power, abundance, divinity, sovereignty, wealth, and art.


The unknown requires you to flip that hook, attachment, belief and bucket list upside down to discover and craft the life of authentic power, freedom, choice, and wholeness.


It's time now to immerse yourself in your divine dream and catalyse the natural self that lives moment by moment with reverence, balance, soul, and uncontrollable love for the life you are crafting and the radical beauty of all.


It is your time to collapse and shred all you ever believed was required.


To drop all attachments in this space.


What will you leave behind?


What will you build into your body and life?


What will you create from pure truth?


You are here to cross the threshold and illuminate your evolution.


You are here to meet your true and authentic self, to get real intimate with your inner Mystic, Seer, Sage, Oracle and The Medicine of your individuated Divine Genius.

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