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Inner Alchemy: Lower Dantian Transmission

Your Inner Alchemy Journey is a 3D Kinesiology, Thetahealing, Mind Body Medicine, Shamanic Healing and NLP healing experience that helps you transform and activate your true authentic self.

We begin with the precious elixir field, the Lower Dantian, physical plane Chakras and Kidney and Bladder meridian energetic clearing. This leads us to the Middle Dantian and the Upper Dantian cultivation.

Inner Alchemy is part of a large framework of Energy Medicine and Spiritual Alchemy by Soul Centred Kinesiology.  

Soul Centred Kinesiology technique is a revolutionary energy medicine experience that invites the magical realm of divine consciousness, pure presence and connection to source into our day to day existence. 

Divine Alchemy: You are the Diamond, is the part two, to this Transmission exploring the Middle and Upper Dantian releasing in December 2021.  

Raise your Vibration, Heal and Thrive. 

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