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Mystical Kinesiologist 1:1 Mentoring Program

Are you a Soul-entrepreneur ready to shine your unique expression, expand your greatness and activate your Soul into your business?

If so, then this private 1:1 Kinesiologist Mentoring Program is for you.

The Kinesiology 1:1 Mentorship Program is an opportunity to step into your greatness as a leader in the Kinesiology field. You will gain the confidence to shine in your unique expression, align with your Soul and become the leading Kinesiology practitioner in your area. You will also learn how to attract clients and invest in your business.

Do you want to live a life of meaning, passion and purpose?

Do you feel like there's something more to life than just working a 9-5?

Does it seem like there's something holding you back from creating the legacy you deserve?

If so, I'm here for you. I'm Lisa, and I'll be your 1:1 mentor in kinesiology and energy prosperity coaching, helping you to create a thriving livelihood that expresses your soul.

Kinesiology is the science of movement, and when it's applied to mentorship, it means that we'll be looking at how all parts of your life fit together—not just your career or business but also your relationships, health and fitness, spirituality, mental health and wellness… the list goes on!

It's an exciting time to get started!

In this sacred ceremony in being true to you and your divine path, we'll cover your unique soul expression in kinesiology and being a channel of your sacred work and how it can be applied in any situation where someone is seeking guidance on how to move forward in their lives.

Lisa Iliagouev

International Well-being Coach, Holistic Kinesiologist & Spiritual Mentor

My name is Elizaveta, known as Lisa and I'm a healer, mystic, and embodiment coach with years of experience working with people like you who are ready to cut ties with their illusions, step confidently into their power, and live in alignment with their divine life purpose.

This is a fast paced program where things get done. Together we delve into:

Your healing business as a whole including setup and foundational structure of your business
How you currently practice in session – what is working & what isn’t

Your knowledge, skills, tools, techniques & remedies – is there any visible gaps
Your business presence online and in the marketplace – are you attracting clients and/or customers

Identifying your unique gifts and the core essence of you are as a practitioner and business owner

Your current situation plus the challenges, stressors and areas requiring improvement
The short and long term vision for you and your business both professionally and personally
Innovative business strategies, solutions and action steps for your unique business
Key areas to focus on so you can feel free to shine your light out into the world with integrity
You will leave feeling inspired with a direction and focus to move forward and take your business to the next level with a custom made toolkit of practitioner documents and plenty of ideas and action steps to support you on the journey. You will feel empowered to build and grow your authentic kinesiology business to be your sole income on a full-time basis where you are seen and recognised as an amazing Kinesiologist doing what you love. Plus Denise makes herself available follow-up mentoring support sessions to keep you on track with your chosen path.


  • Legal requirements and steps for registering and setting up a business
  • Determining how to create and design your brand that resonates deeply with you, including a business name, logo, business card layout and brochure that represents you plus important extra little touches.
  • Creating a client mailing list, writing newsletters and communicating with your clients and customers.
  • Creating your own unique and purposeful New Client Questionnaire Form. We discuss what questions to ask and why they are important to ask. Plus we will custom create your very own template which you can keep and use.
  • Business administration and client file requirements & management – switching from ‘student’ to ‘practitioner’; storing confidential client information, soft copy vs hard copy; available programs & systems.
  • Diary Management and Online Appointment Booking Forms & Programs – manual vs automated, benefits, ideas, how to get yourself setup.
  • Invoices, Receipts, Credit Card Payments and Accounting Software – differences, pricing, fees & charges, requirements, where to start.


  • Identifying your unique values and finding your authentic kinesiology path – your strengths, areas you love working with and those that don’t interest you.
  • Determining the type of practitioner you want to be and how you want to be seen to the outside world.
  • How to determine the type of client you want to work with, the importance of this, finding what lights you up and how best to market this to the general public.
  • How and where to market yourself most affordably and effectively, plus what works and what doesn’t.
  • Social Media and having an online presence – we will dive into all the mainstream ways to professionally market yourself online through the many different platforms plus the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Social Media tips & guidelines plus do’s and don’ts.
  • How to make sure you are seen and found online and where to advertise and market yourself confidently with little to no outlay.
  • Website – the benefits, where to start, how to start, different website builder platforms, SEO and hints and tips for setting up a successful website.
  • Self-value practices including self-confidence in treatment pricing for your services.


  • Setting up and creating a beautiful energy filled, functional and comfortable clinic space with the right Feng Shui, flow and chi.
  • Tips to setting up your healing space with clear boundary areas to best support your own health so you can feel empowered, inspired and full of energy to be 100% present with clients whilst growing your Kinesiology business.
  • Structure and timing of your sessions to ensure effective time management, productivity and respect for each other’s time.
  • Creating a clear, concise and unique clinic database specific to all your varied kinesiology skills, techniques, tools, remedies and other healing modalities that you use in clinic to bring the most out of you as a practitioner. Plus how to practice confidently with your database.
  • Ensuring you practice in a way that is authentic, comfortable and true to you using only the tools, techniques and remedies you love to attract the types of clients you want to work with.
  • Creating your very own effective Client Session Record Sheet to record the happenings and remedies of your Kinesiology treatment to keep on file for future sessions and for evidence of the session if ever required. How to create one so it works for your own unique style of treating and then how to confidently and effectively use your session sheet in a clinic environment.
  • Intuitive Treating – achieving great flow in your kinesiology treatments along with expanding your intuition when treating. Knowing when it is the right time to use and express your intuition and when it is best to stay on protocol in a session.
  • Tips for being super organised and efficient when treating.
  • The paperwork required to kept on file from your sessions – how to keep it simple, smooth and non-labour intensive
  • Client appointment reminders and a cancellation policy to eliminate cancellations or no shows.
  • Creating a re-booking protocol that suits your style of treating that you can confidently discuss and adhere to when booking client follow up sessions – know how your sessions best work, when clients require follow up sessions, how to keep it simple, flexible and ensure integrity
  • Strategies to cleanse your clinic ensuring the clinic energy remains clean, harmonious and charged up


  • How to quickly and deeply connect with your clients whilst holding a safe and trusting space for their healing whether in person or in an online session
  • Starting an effective conversation with your client to extract the most important information as quickly as possible plus how to zone into their main stress and needs for the session
  • Talking through the ‘New Client Questionnaire Form‘ with your client – prompts and key areas to tap into plus techniques to use to find the core underlying issues so they get the most out of their session
  • Reading client body language, how it can assist you and what to do with it
  • Communicating openly, clearly, compassionately, authentically and directly with clients on all levels
  • Knowing quickly the best way to work with your client – a goal, intention, a context, pain, a word, a phrase, a person, positive mindset, negative mindset, emotions online and more.
  • How to best tap into the most relevant, powerful and profound emotions online in a couple of words and weave these confidently through the session to raise consciousness, awareness and clear stress quickly
  • How to deal with particularly ‘heavy’ issues that may arise during sessions
  • What to do if a client is difficult or shuts off during a session
  • Which tools and techniques are best used on specific clients and specific stressors or symptoms
  • How to adapt your Kinesiology sessions to work in an online platform
  • Detecting negative attachments/entities on clients and how to effectively remove them from clients and your clinic space
  • Warning signs and triggers – knowing when, how, why and who to refer a client onto if required
  • Self-protection from client issues and energies – rituals, protection techniques, etc.
  • Maintaining healthy boundaries with clients and keeping your personal life separate from your professional life – including wrapping up a session, finishing on time and appropriate home reinforcement activities to ensure client self-responsibility
  • How to motivate your clients to take charge and responsibility of their own life and path
  • Strategies to know when your client needs a follow up session and a how to go about booking this in with integrity
  • Grounding a client at end of session
  • Integrating a client’s energy at the end of their session


  • Bounce ideas, ask Denise’s opinion or request feedback on your business structure, clinic documents, social media, website, marketing ideas, new business ideas, courses, workshops or anything else Kinesiology. Denise is here to support and guide you and your Kinesiology business.


  • Kinesiology course manuals, charts and other tools you currently work with or want to work with
  • A list of remedies and correction techniques you enjoying working with
  • Current Kinesiology Database or Protocol you use (if you have one)
  • Current Kinesiology Session Sheet (if you have one)
  • Current New Client In-take Form (if you have one)
  • Pictures of your clinic space
  • Business & Kinesiology Branding – Business Card, Brochure, etc.

Please note, prior to your initial Kinesiology Mentoring Session you will be emailed a link to a form to complete so Denise can tailor your mentoring session to meet your specific business and personal needs.


  • Kinesiology templates or specific information customised for you in your Kinesiology Mentoring session will be emailed to you so you can use or update when required. Each Kinesiologist works differently, has learnt many different streams of kinesiology and has very different needs, this program will tailor your needs appropriately and provide you with electronic and written information based on your requirements and requests. This may include: New Client In-Take Form, Client Session Sheet, Database or Protocol.


Following your initial Kinesiology Mentoring Session, follow-up Kinesiology Mentoring & Coaching sessions are regularly available weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly to support you and your business needs as follows:

  • Phone Mentoring Support Session (Check in, ask questions, obtain guidance, brainstorm) – 15 mins | $55 inc. GST
  • Online Follow-up Mentoring Session – 30 mins | $125 inc. GST
  • In-Person or Online Follow-up Mentoring Session – 60 mins | $250 inc. GST


This empowering Kinesiologist 1:1 Mentoring program is suitable for:

  • Recently qualified Kinesiology Practitioners ready to take the next step by bringing together all of your various balances, learning tools, techniques, remedies, modalities and style of treating into one cohesive unique system for a smooth flowing session that feels authentically you. Especially suitable for those that have come directly out of a college environment who feel lost as to where to start and require practical hands on client and clinic experience and exposure, knowledge, support and guidance to take the next step to bridge everything together.
  • Kinesiology students who are studying a Diploma in Kinesiology or the diverse Workshop Model of Learning and want to get all there dots lined up so as soon as they are qualified they are ready to be 100% in their business with a beautiful practice, marketing plan, session structure and clinic systems in place.
  • Experienced Kinesiology practitioners who are interested in delving in and gaining a new and invigorated perspective in the way they treat and work with clients and to build and expand their business.
  • AIK Registered Kinesiologists requiring AIK CPE Points
  • AKA Registered Kinesiologists requiring Mentoring hours

















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