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Dare to wander where your soul is leading you

Welcome to Soul Centred Kinesiology!

I'm Lisa, your Catalyst, Sacred Embodiment Coach, and Energy Healer. My utmost fulfillment lies in helping you reconnect with your soul and body in a meaningful way.

Under my guidance, you'll delve into your true essence, activate your innate healing capabilities, and develop a sense of stillness, presence, and boundless self-love at every juncture. Together, we'll realise your soul's missions and unlock your extraordinary potential, crafting a life that supports your holistic health goals and authentic self.

I'm committed to empowering you to shed any constraints that hold you back, enabling you to uncover your genuine voice, special talents, and divine gifts. In our collaborative journey, you'll attain the clarity and internal harmony needed to serve your highest truth and excel in all facets of your life.

With my ongoing support, you'll achieve a state of spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being, complete with balance and prosperity.

You'll nurture a profound sense of love, completeness, self-assurance, and gratitude for yourself, ultimately fulfilling your soul's purpose and living the life you're destined for.


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