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Healing your Whole Being

My name is Lisa, and I'm a Catalyst and Energy Healer who helps you connect to your true healing power, live a wholehearted life, and free yourself from limitations.

My mission is to help people create a life that serves their deepest truth and discover their authentic nature, their unique gifts and talents and their path toward spiritual, physical and emotional health, balance, growth and prosperity.

Elizaveta Iliagouev (Lisa)

At Soul Centred Kinesiology, we believe that the journey towards self-discovery, balance, and creative self-expression can be transformative. That's why we offer a variety of healing modalities to help people tap into their own inner wisdom and wholeness.


As the founder of Soul Centred Kinesiology, I am a skilled practitioner who combines Holistic Kinesiology, Sound Therapy, Hypnosis, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Shamanic Healing, Thetahealing, and Mysticism to create a unique and intuitive approach to healing.


Our services include clinical sessions, mentorship programs, custom virtual programs, 1:1 bodywork sessions, and botanical and vibrational essences. We also offer corporate kinesiology to support individuals and teams in finding balance and creative self-expression.


Our goal is to help people worldwide realise their true essence and heal on all levels - mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Whether you are seeking support during a life transition, looking to connect with your soul and find your personal power, or simply seeking self-love and healing, we are here to help you on your journey.

The Soul Centred Kinesiology® (SCK®) experience is a unique and vibrant practice that blends the wisdom of bodywork and the study of movement (Kinesiology) with an expanded awareness of your inner world (Mysticism).

SCK® supports you in embodying your unique qualities – your truth – and moving through life grounded, healthy and centred in who you are, what you want, what you stand for and how you choose to show up for yourself and others.


Holistic Kinesiology Diploma.

Master NLP Coaching Certification, Wholeness Work, Numerology Level 1, Family Constellations and Higher Self Therapy Training.

BA Arts Sociology, Human Resources & Industrial Relations.

Master Thetahealing, DNA 1,2,3 & Intuitive Anatomy for Medical Intuition Training.

Sound, Breathwork & Shamanic Healing Mentorship.

Energy Catalyst & Alchemy Mentorship.

Yoga, Zen, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Tuning Fork Therapy, Esotericism and Daoism philosophy practitioner.


Corporate Meditation Facilitator, Coach & Kinesiologist.

Social Worker & Human Resources/Career Trainer.

Mentoring program working 1:1 and group meditation sessions with practitioners, coaches and self-healers.

Private Clinical 1:1 Work in PTSD Trauma, Posture & Bodywork and Holistic Healing of the Nervous System and Neurological Conditions/Learning Disabilities.

Well-Being Coach working with Action For Happiness Sydney offering group programs and Positive Psychology.


You’ll experience a deep healing - one that steers and submits to the natural current of your divine wisdom.


You'll learn to nourish your body, mind, and spirit with the knowledge of how the body and spirit works.


You'll discover what lies behind your emotions, you'll get in touch with your soul, and you'll transform yourself as you bring it all into balance.


Most importantly, you'll learn that there's nothing to fear about being human and living in the present.

I am passionate about empowering all humans to live their true and beautiful lives from the heart. I believe that the most effective way for me to do so is through facilitating deep healing & transformation and I have a broad set of skills for doing so.


My greatest strengths are in the therapeutic, alchemical and sacred arts and I have a richly creative range of tools for navigating deep into the psyche, anatomy, energy body and nervous system, bringing relief from outdated paradigms, programs, pain & suffering, and helping souls to actualise their centre, presence, divine path and wholeness.


I am also deeply committed to providing healing of trauma at an energetic level, and working with generational and ancestral lineages to heal at a deeper level of soul then just the personal story.


I love teaching and supporting people in embodying their true power and truth in the world, and so much of what I offer is dedicated to making that possible.

Join our private virtual community for The Soul Centred Kinesiology® (SCK®) experience.

The Soul Centred Portal is your temple and devotion time for your spiritual and emotional evolution.

Client Transformations!

I practice the embodiment of the Sacred Archetypes:

Artist, Shaman, Yogini, Mystic, Priestess, Liberator, Genius, Lover and Alchemist archetype.  

My name is Lisa and I am a human.

I am not a human-doing, but rather, a human-being. While I do things, my first priority is to be.

My first priority is to live in the present moment, with no remorse for the past and no fear of the future.

I have a deep love for Earth Magic and I often say that the plants are one of my greatest teachers.

Following their wisdom I walk with both feet on the Earth, learning to live in harmony with nature and all of creation.

Soul Centred Essences is born from this passion to bring together health and beauty from a sacred perspective and to merge the magic of ancient spiritual and medicinal wisdom with modern science together.

Each exquisite blend combines uniquely selected and vitamin rich, cold-pressed oils, vibrational essences, botanical medicine and premium essential oils.

Their potency naturally draws out the healing magic and botanical intelligence of the elements and infuses it into each precious drop.

When I get out of my own way and act from the genius within me, amazing things happen. I have learned through direct personal and professional experience that this world is brimming with potential for freedom and joy.

The Universe is full of magic and mystery; all that is necessary is learning how to open ourselves up to thriving within the realms of the mysterious- the great unknown.

I am driven by an intense passion for life that propels me forward into new adventures and breakthroughs at every turn.

This is my genius and my heart feels like it could explode with gratitude when I realise how blessed I am to be in this amazing body, on this amazing planet, at this amazing time in history. There are so many miracles of expansion happening all around us at all times!

I love exploring nature and communing with the energy of the Earth...dancing under the stars...going on epic hikes…going on walks and deep and meaningful talks with friends...cuddling up at home on a rainy day with my partner...swimming in the ocean....breathing.

My mission with my offerings is empowering people to be whole, authentic and sovereign beings who live in connection with themselves and all of life.

I believe that we are here to remember that we are vast, infinite beings and artists of love.

Connecting deeply with oneself is like coming home after a long journey. It is remembering where you came from, who you truly are, and why you are here. It’s reconnecting with your heart, your soul and your purpose.

It brings me great joy to hold a sacred space for deep healing, transformation and awakening the human spirit.

I find it so beautiful when people begin to trust themselves and reclaim their health, becoming self-empowered beings who can clearly see their truth and live it fully.

I believe that the path of love, power and beauty is a journey from the head to the heart. From intellect to body intelligence. To move from rational thought to panoramic knowing.

I believe that when we are deeply connected to ourselves, we are able to access reservoirs of compassion for our self and others.

This is where freedom lies. Freedom from fear and separation.

I believe that the greatest gift we can give one another is the gift of our deep presence and attunement.

That if we truly listen to one another with our whole being, this will heal us at the deepest levels so that we can truly hear each other, feel into one another and be with one another in a way that heals all wounds and lifts us up out of separate states of consciousness into oneness and wholeness together.

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