Dare to live the magical current of your truth and every moment a masterpiece of presence, beauty and wholeness.


I see your power. I see your wild beauty. Your unique essence, your liberated fullness.

I believe in you! I believe in your ability to create a life that is truly meaningful to you, from the deepest depths of your soul.

I believe in your ability to be free from whatever has been holding you back from being purely YOU!

You are powerful beyond measure, full of wild wonderment, living on this beautiful planet of ours.

Let me support you in remembering who you are and what matters to you most.



Genius is an ever-evolving portal and live virtual retreat – membership!

In my work as a guide of the sacred, I have been gifted the opportunity to work with some of the most powerful people on this planet.

People who are ready to step into their most authentic and powerful selves.

People who are ready to take the next step in their spiritual evolution and people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and walk the path less traveled.

My passion is helping people uncover what is already inside of them: an inner power, wisdom and knowledge that is theirs alone.

This is what I call your Genius medicine.

Begin your journey


The Dark Goddess Program is a 10-week journey to activate your inner goddess and medicine woman.You’ve been called to this work, and it is time for you to flourish into the Goddess that you are.

You are Shakti—primal, life force energy embodied—the bringer and nurturer of life.

This is your moment to live a life of deeper meaning—to step into your true power as a woman of wild wisdom, infinite creativity, and sacred soul. You were not born to suffer or struggle; you were born to thrive. I am here as your loving guide, empowering you at every step as you embark on the path of the Goddess.

Goddess Immersion


Meditations Library for Self Realisation.

This is a space for those who are ready to face the depths of their shadow and the lightness of their soul.

This is a space to feel what it is like to be seen, without judgement. To be heard, without interruption. To be loved, just as you are.

This is a space to feel your feelings. To confront your inner demons and dance with your inner child.

This is a space to go beyond the limitations of the mind, & dive into the vastness of your body, heart & soul.

Coming Soon