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Be True to You: 4 week 1:1 Program

"Be True to You" is more than a program; it's a transformative odyssey tailored to awaken, heal, and magnify your true essence. At its heart, this journey is about embracing your unique self, uncovering your deepest aspirations, and aligning your life with your fundamental values. This sanctuary of transformation is where advanced esoteric energetic healing meets psycho-somatic bodywork, soul work, and precision oracle guidance.

What's Included in Your Journey:

  • 1-Hour Multidimensional Session:

Dive into a personalized session focusing on areas like Life, Health, Business, Relationships, and Expansion. This is where you address immediate concerns, guided by Lisa, your expert oracle, alchemist, and priestess.

  • 4 Weeks of Therapy, Coaching, and Spiritual Mentoring:
    Over the course of four weeks, receive comprehensive therapy, coaching, and intuitive guidance. This phase is designed to support any goal you have - be it personal, health-related, or business-focused.
  • Custom Integration Program:
    Lisa crafts a bespoke program for you, aiding your journey as you adapt to new frequencies and identities. This is about grounding the transformation into your everyday life.
  • Access to Exclusive Resources:
    Benefit from an extensive library of resources and activations, designed to support and enhance your journey.
  • Investment:
    An intensive immersion into this transformative experience is available at $800 AUD. With Lisa by your side, your very own magician, this journey promises profound change.
  • Booking and Further Information:
    To embark on this path of self-revolution and learn more about the next iteration of Lisa's work, visit
    Be True to You.

"Be True to You" is an invitation to a profound personal revolution. It's about celebrating your individuality, embracing your authenticity, and crafting a life that deeply resonates with your soul. Join us and step into a realm where you're not just living, but thriving, being the most authentic version of yourself, and creating an impactful legacy. This is where we embody Infinite Love, Essence, Genius, and Weightlessness. More exciting offers are on the horizon!

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Infinite Love: 4 Week 1:1 Program

Infinite love is not just an emotion; it's a powerful frequency and vibration that embodies the very essence of care and compassion. This 1:1 program is designed to resonate with this potent energy, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and profound healing, expansion and leadership development. What to Expect in Your Journey:

  • 90-Minute Transformational Soul Embodied Session:
    Step into a mystical world of transformation. This is more than therapy; it’s a 90-minute journey combining energy healing, alchemy, channeling, and esoteric wisdom. This session is tailored to awaken your inner potential, align your truth, and catalyse a profound internal shift.
  • Four Weeks of Custom Energetic Medicine Support:
    Your journey continues with ongoing 1:1 mentorship via WhatsApp or Telegram. Experience personalized energetic medicine, curated specifically for your unique aspirations and challenges. This phase is essential for nurturing your ongoing healing journey.

Ideal For:

  • Spiritual entrepreneurs, soulpreneurs, and visionaries seeking an in-depth energy healing experience.
  • Individuals on a quest for holistic personal growth and support.
  • Leaders in need of specialised spiritual and emotional guidance.
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Upcoming Programs & Live Offerings

Limitless: Acuportal Series

The first program within the series is currently FREE for a limited time only! Sign up today to take advantage of this incredibly nourishing and heart opening experience. 4 sessions, plenty of bonuses and resources to support you.

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Hey Beautiful Soul!

I'm Elizaveta, and everyone calls me Lisa and I guide, mentor and activate you through the mystical realms of your inner self, supporting you to harness and embody your highest potential with the infinite intelligence, genius power and magical forces that lie dormant within.

Together, we shall weave a spell of transformation, shifting your energy and awakening your true essence. With each step, you will become the conduit of your own unique frequency and your aura will begin to radiate your innate beauty, truth and highest magic.

Let’s embark on this limitless journey together, and uncover the pure potential within your creative being and radiant soul.

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A new 8 week experience and program for mystical coaches, entrepreneurs, mentors and energy workers.

A live transmission of high energetic mastery as you upgrade, embody and deepen your soul mission, calling and gifts, shed physical, spiritual and emotional weight in your body, sacred business and life and serve your dream clients powerfully through shifting the paradigm, creating your own individuated wealth and attracting clients through living your most potent expression and truth.

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Your unique flavour of magic

I see that you’re ready to reclaim your truth and live in a space where everything you ever wanted to claim is available to you. A place where you can breathe deeply, feel your feet on the ground and drop into your own authentic power, wonderment and wholeness. You have everything it takes to do this work.

One-to-one Integrative Kinesiology is a powerful way of working with the science of energy to support you in becoming more healthy, embodied, trusting and balanced.

There is nothing more beautiful than the expression of who you are as your absolute essence and truest {trust} core frequency. Let’s shift the paradigm your operating from and create with your pure being without limits and with the “complete” energy of you.