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"I saw Lisa twice for a two hours consultation and I can say I'm so lucky I have been in her presence for 4 hours of my life.

Lisa has the most welcoming smile and she looks through your soul to speak directly to your inner child. I was able through my interaction with Lisa to tap into the world of healing. She listens and she knows what to ask.

She clears your energy and puts you in the most balanced state of mind to be able to look at what you want to work on with utmost clarity. Then she studies your body and understands what your own subconscious mind has been causing you in a physical form. I learnt to be more loving towards myself, my past and others through working with Lisa. Her clinic is like a temple, you relax the moment you walk into it.

She sang for me, she allowed my tears to drop fearlessly and she mediated with me. I listen to her recorded meditations and I get a feeling of deep relaxation which I don't get from other recorded medications. Her voice, presence and words are like the purest form of magic.

I recommend you go and see Lisa, but before you do I invite you to be open to a lifetime journey filled with love and a contract you need to sign with yourself to commit to that journey with small baby steps in order to allow her to let you discover a world which can't be seen with the naked eye but can be felt inside your own heart."


I have had two sessions with Lisa both online, one to realign and realise old patterns, and another to go a bit deeper and realise the old and staggered. Her sessions r soft but powerful, going into her sessions with an open mind and heart you are taken to another level- it’s hard to put into words but her work is Amazing. Lisa has a way of seeing past what you are saying, on a deeper level and executing this in her healing with you. Since her second session, I feel massive shifts within myself, which will only spiral into a manifestation of my physical life, I am living more into my heart space and allowing this to lead the way. I am not going to lie, it can feel long and challenging to completely heal yourself into wholeness, but it is so worth it in every way.


07 Nov 2020

I was feeling stuck in my life and came to Lisa to see if she could help. She asked me a few key questions which allowed her to pinpoint the beliefs that were no longer serving me. Lisa was able to hear the deeper truths of what I was saying and using Thetahealing, she helped me to let go and heal from the past and be more centred in my present. I feel happier and healthier than I have in over six months.


24 Feb 2020

“I had a distance healing session with Lisa last year. It finished with me walking on air, feeling such clarity and lightness! Speaking with Lisa during the session, I felt such earnestness and generosity coming from her. She created a beautiful, trusting space for me to let go and receive her healing. Thank you, Lisa.”


19 Feb 2020

All I can say is WOW Lisa is amazing. She has helped me so much through my healing journey, and I always look forward to our sessions each month. Thank you so much Lisa for all your love and guidance. Forever grateful to have met you and have you share in my journey with me.


17 Feb 2020

I have seen Lisa a few times now for healing sessions, she is truly gifted and I have always left feeling an instant weight lifted off of my shoulders. It has helped me greatly with anxieties, negativity and stress. Thank you so much, Lisa.


13 Jan 2020

I just want to say that if you're looking for a healing experience to move through anything that’s internal that you would like to push through, bring the surface and heal then this is the place for you. It’s a cleaning just walking through the harmonious space created and with that ambience in itself is such healing. Bless you, Lisa, your work is from the heart, your mission here on earth and your purpose will never go unnoticed by the masses. Sending you so much love and gratitude 🙏🏽 and appreciation. I not only thank you 🙏🏽 but I also am grateful that you created a safe place for people like myself to surrender to the art of letting go.

Love and light dear one!


23 Nov 2019

I have seen Lisa for several sessions and each time has been an amazing, powerful, healing experience. I have always been on a path of self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-healing but meeting Lisa has just sped up my healing a thousandfold this year. She creates a warm, safe environment and listens with kindness, understanding and compassion. After each session, I feel energetically lighter, calmer, and more trusting of myself and the Universe. I also really appreciate Lisa’s follow-up emails after each session which helps reinforce the insights and learnings gained during the session. Words cannot express how grateful I am that the Universe sent Lisa my way ✨


08 Sep 2019

From the moment I walked in - Lisa was there to welcome me with an open heart and desire for healing. I felt seen and understood with the struggles I was going through. Lisa worked on many elements and gave me the space to release what I had been holding on to. She practices many different techniques with the idea being I just sit back and receive. I can feel my body releasing one thing at a time which did not serve me. After the sessions I always feel 10 times lighter, I don’t know what she does with all the energy I leave behind - but I can assure you it’s gone! I walk in with a head full of fear, and I leave with a heart full of love. And I’m always looking forward to my next session. Thank you so much for all you have given me Lisa!


08 Sep 2019

I booked an appointment with Lisa for my little boy who was suffering from eczema and allergies, she was able to pick up on so many internal issues that no medical practitioner had even thought of. In addition, she picked up on my negative energies which are aligned with my babies and helped to shift these. I walked away feeling uplifted and followed with a substantial report with many natural suggestions to help my son. She is truly amazing thank you Lisa for helping my little boy we look forward to our next appointment with you.


22 Feb 2019

I booked an appointment with Lisa for my little boy who was suffering from eczema and allergies, she was able to pick up on so many internal issues that no medical practitioner had even thought of. In addition, she picked up on my negative energies which are aligned with my babies and helped to shift these. I walked away feeling uplifted and followed with a substantial report with many natural suggestions to help my son. She is truly amazing thank you Lisa for helping my little boy we look forward to our next appointment with you.


22 Feb 2019

What a magical experience ✨ exactly what I was looking for and more


Stephanie Leon

20 Oct 2018

Since I had my energy healing session with Lisa everything is shifted within the next 2 days I’m so blessed that I found you Lisa I just start attracting everything positive in my life and living the moment that was like never before I really appreciate this universe for bringing you to me.

Mahana Almuhana

12 Oct 2018

I’d like to give Lisa a 100/10 she is life-changing and works wonders on your body emotionally and physically aligning everything that needs to be balanced. I left feeling lighter and my energy was recharged. Thank you Lisa you are an angel and an amazing healer ❤️

Sally Dos Santos Ruoff

27 Sep 2018

I went to Lisa with an open mind. I have heard from others what Kinesiology can do. with her help, she released the negative energy thatI had been holding onto. with her guidance, I feel I now have a clear outlook on life. Thank you, Lisa!

Renata Bojtos

19 Sep 2018

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Lisa twice and each time I have walked out of the session feeling lighter, open and with love in my heart. Lisa works with you to understand and uncover the true nature of what needs to be healed. One of the things that set Lisa apart is her authenticity, after my sessions, she would follow up and check on how I was feeling and also provide me with an action plan to put the work into practice. I really appreciate my time with Lisa and couldn’t recommend her more.

Brooke Brash

11 Aug 2018

Lisa is a multi-talented healer, with a big heart... We were at a course together and I was having issues with my neck and throat area. She was able to give me some quick therapy during a break and the healing effects were felt immediately. I have seen her advance her NLP Coaching and Therapy skills, and I can recommend her as an excellent coach.

Abi Hughes

23 Jul 2018

Always such a pleasure seeing Lisa. She has an amazing, soothing energy. She is thorough, intuitive and always professional. I leave my sessions with Lisa with my body rejuvenated and mind healed.

Bella Fitzgerald

21 Jul 2018

I was in desperate need of energy healing. I was dealing with an awful work situation and was at the end of the road feeling lost in myself and mentally drained. I was longing for peace and guidance out of the darkness I'd seem to have gotten myself into. So on this day at work after a very upsetting moment, I was searching Insta when I found @soul_centred_kinesiology holistic kinesiologist & energy healer inspired by spirituality. As soon as I read Elizavita's (Lisa's)bio I was instantly drawn to her and called her immediately to book an appointment! I've since had 2 sessions and I can honestly say I feel like a different person I was a month ago. I feel more grounded, calm and at peace with myself, I can handle my situation a lot better than I previously did and I'm taking time to work out what's best for me instead of trying to please others but most of all I am learning to love myself. Thank you Lisa for helping me in becoming the best version of myself, even if it took 45 years...it's never too late to make a change for the better. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone going through or feeling the same. Forever so grateful. 

Kirsty Swan

25 Jun 2018

Very inspiring with powerful alleviating effect. My first time doing something like this! Lisa has given me a big bunch of healthy thoughts to keep in mind 🦋

Alice Goeury

20 Jun 2018

I went to one of the open sessions and got put with Lisa and I'm so glad I did. I was having trouble with anxiety/other issues ect at the time. She had such a welcoming, understanding and professional demeanour with me which made me feel comfortable. Sessions with her definitely helped me and couldn't recommend her enough. Thanks, Lisa :)

Adam Dodd

20 Jun 2018

I went to Lisa for help with my anxiety which she did and as a bonus we looked at other issues I hadn’t acknowledged myself. She’s very insightful and I always leave her practice feeling more balanced.

Linda Antonsson

19 Jun 2018

I can’t recommend Lisa enough! When I first went to her I wasn’t even really sure what kinesiology was so I went in with zero expectations. Lisa had such warmth and kindness and she made me feel comfortable as soon as I walked in. She helped me work through some old blockages that were holding me back and I left feeling lighter and clearer. Since then I’ve returned to see her and referred friends who have also had amazing experiences with Lisa’s healing. Thank you, Lisa!

Meg Harris

19 Jun 2018

I was recommended to Lisa by a close friend who had nothing but positive and great feedback. I first saw Lisa late last year and instantly felt comfortable with her, such a beautiful soul. Highly recommend Lisa to everyone.

Hayley Shumack

19 Jun 2018

I knew nothing about kinesiology until I met Lisa. Her warm welcoming heart is sure to make anyone as comfortable as possible. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and she has given me a new, more positive perspective on my life. Every session with her, I learn something new about myself and my abilities and I can’t thank her more for assisting me in any and every aspect of my healing. I highly recommend anyone who has any knots in their life, psychically, mentally, and emotionally to contact this beautiful soul and book NOW!

Vaya Pahau

17 Mar 2018

I would highly recommend Lisa. She has so many tools to use in her practice and after only 2 sessions I felt a very big shift. I felt respected and listened to! Thank you Lisa for really caring and working with me to create my shift!

Alison Daemi

06 Mar 2018

It seems I stumbled upon Lisa's post on Facebook by accident, but in reality, I feel it was one of the best things I have ever done: to message her and eventually embark on a road of Kinesiological healing with her. I believe her sensitive and understanding approach helped me tackle the worst issues I had to deal with in 2017. Lisa's practice makes you immediately feel at peace and provides much-needed guidance through to your personal path of healing. I would never hesitate to recommend Lisa to anyone who is open to kinesiology and its healing.

Zuzka Belicova

05 Mar 2018

My first time experiencing Kinesiology was with Lisa. I was referred by a family member to go and see her and I am so glad that I did. Lisa has the most beautiful energy surrounding her, you feel it the second that you enter her space. What I love the most about my sessions with Lisa is that she takes the time to explain things, helping you to understand what may have lead to certain emotions, illnesses or events in your life. Every time I leave a session with Lisa, I feel so happy, positive and eager to continue my journey to achieving higher consciousness. Thank you, Lisa!

23 Jan 2018

If you are considering Kinesiology, stop and book. I wish I had met Lisa a million years ago, I saw Lisa with a skin condition I had been battling or years and after the first session was cleared. Lisa is a healer and put here to do exactly what she is doing, the power of Lisa's healing should be experienced by all. Thank you Lisa x

Irene Manyk

28 Aug 2017

I recently had the pleasure of having a session with Lisa. I had never had a kinesiology session before. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it and how wonderful I felt afterwards. Lisa Iliagouev has a real gift that she shares with people. She is amazing. I have no hesitation in recommending her and would urge anyone who is considering it to see Lisa.

This was my second NLP workshop and I saw amazing results both the time. Lisa conducted both these workshops. She is very passionate about NLP and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She makes every individual/group exercise challenging, creative and most importantly, fun. 

It is no exaggeration to say this NLP workshop experience was transformative-both professionally and personally. This workshop will long remain a high point of my life. I am feeling energized and going home empowered. 

I especially liked the way every participant was individually demonstrated on how to effectively use NLP techniques which reinforced their learning of the concepts and their ability to retain and apply what they learned. 

I am looking forward to attending the next workshop to learn and use many more other techniques in my personal life. 


 11 April 2022

Hi Lisa!

I would just like to let you know that I now have been sleeping for four days in a row without any problems. It has been easy to fall asleep and if I have woken up during the nights it has been really easy to fall asleep again! So much gratitude!  Looking forward to seeing you soon!


21 June 2022

Thanks Lisa! You played a part in my journey and we are one forever. Thanks for the work that you’re doing and for being here on the planet. You have pushed through these last two years and overcome! Abundance is yours. Love you 

Warm regards!

26 July 2022

Hi all, I’m 42 y/o Male. I met Lisa recently through a friend as referral. I went there with no understanding what kinesiology was and total open mindedness. Within 20mins meeting, she helped me through bringing vulnerable pieces of myself to light and with gentle technique, unblocking dormant emotions, helping setting them free. After only two visits I feel enlightened and at peace, so much appreciation. Lisa has an amazing energy, patients and healing knowledge. She’s truly genuine and her heart is pure, it’s no wonder her practice comes so natural to her, it just makes sense. I HIGHLY recommend Lisa to anyone wanting to explore deeper into themselves. Mentally, physically, spiritually. Thank you Lisa. I look forward to our next meeting. Forever grateful.

26 July 2022

If you ever get the chance or are interested in Kinesiology, you need to see Lisa! I’m lucky to have her come to our offices but her space is gorgeous and she always knows exactly what you need and how to help. She’s also the sweetest and a beautiful human. I 100% recommend!

Having tried a few types of therapy, kinesiology has actually done wonders for my mental health, especially my anxiety. I’m more aware of my existence and energy.

10 Aug 2022

Thank you again Lisa, what an extraordinary gift you have. Feeling like a new woman in so many ways. How lucky I am to have you guide me. Thank you again.

10 Aug 2022

Thank you again for all that you do!! Honestly still blown away and can’t wait for more amazing things to come from your incredible work.

10 Aug 2022

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I have just done day one of the transmission by the angel, Elizaveta and wow it is absolutely gold. 

I cannot recommend this transmission enough. I felt so supported, guided, held and loved with a lot of releasing.

 If you haven’t already get onto it, you’ll be thanking yourself.

26 Oct 2022

Thank you for the gift, I’m super grateful for YOU for the years we’ve worked together, the upgrades, the support, everything! ❤️ Yesterday was exactly what my soul needed on all levels, words can’t express how I feel! Xox

26 Oct 2022

Thank you Lisa! I am still floating post-session and in the most relaxed state I’ve been in all year. You are a true Medicine Woman!! ❤️