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Sacred Journeys is our 1:1 Transformational Program

Sacred Journeys, The Upgrade, Destiny and The Elixir

Our 1:1 Signature Program: Sacred Journeys is an ideal offering for connecting deeply and personally with yourself.


If you are ready to dive deep and start afresh, this is the program for you!


Access a wide variety of activations to help shift patterns, resolve emotions and embrace who you really are in all facets of your life.


This program will be designed around your individual needs, allowing you the space to reconnect with yourself in ways that are so much needed at this time.


You deserve to make a transformation from your deepest truth of being.


In essence, this experience is a consciousness activation journey that ignites the light within your soul and illuminates your authentic path.


It allows you to release all of the old responses, patterns and wounds that no longer serve you and shows you how to rewire your reality into new ways of being and living.

Sacred Journeys is a alchemical journey of self connection and discovery.


It offers the gift of seeing your story from a new perspective and access untapped potential.


Find out what blocks you from true connection and energy alchemization, uncovering your inner world as well as that which holds you back.


A powerful spiritual healing experience which will awaken your consciousness, activate all life force energy systems, bringing clarity, wellness, vitality and purpose to your journey.


Whats included?

1:1 WhatsApp Q&A Access to Energy Prosperity Coaching pre or post session support.

1:1 Soul Centred Kinesiology Coaching and Mentoring.

Access to our Soul Codes Program that houses our theta waves binaural beats meditations and activating healing resources.

Access your complementary program via your own app: Mighty Networks, Soul Centred Portal.

Sacred Journeys is a journey of self connection and discovery.

Transform into your most divine version of self.

This package is programmed for the ultimate transformational experience.

A powerful combination of reprogramming and support will bring your dreams into being.

Join us on a journey into your soul, where you'll uncover your true essence and unleash the skillset and creativity to live and thrive on your own terms.

Plus, you get access to our entire library of digital resources from anywhere in the world via your own app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Policy

We're so excited to be working with you. We've got a few policies in place that we want to make sure you're aware of before your Soul Centred Kinesiology appointment, so that you know what to expect.

Our gift cards and Sacred Journeys(Packages)have a 6-month expiry date upon receipt. If you wish to reschedule your appointment with us, please inform us 48 hours in advance by email or directly through your confirmation email. Click "Reschedule". Please note that by making a reservation, you are agreeing that we will not refund any booked sessions.

If you have any questions about these policies or anything else, feel free to email us at info@soulcentredkinesiology.com.au—we'll get back to you within our clinic days: Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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