Soul Centred Kinesiology

You’re not broken! There is nothing wrong with you. You just need a little help bringing balance back into your life.

Soul Centred Kinesiology can help you unravel, embody and confidently express your true nature, soulful heart, whole being and universal consciousness.

The process begins with a clinical session in which we identify and process the stressors in your life and health with psycho-spiritual counselling and holistic-energetic medicine techniques, unlocking your feminine and masculine energy and the unique gifts of your iconic soul.

Together, we work on the release of obstacles that are keeping you from balance and thriving.

Then, we use cutting edge holistic therapies and archetypal wisdom to help you transmute the root of stress patterns that are preventing you from expressing your integrity, inner joy and authentic self.

Our integration of holistic and transpersonal activations help you untether your way back home to the whole, where you can begin to consciously create a more blissful life from the energy and presence of abundance, harmony, being-ness, uniqueness, high self-esteem, self worth and self trust.

The whole body system is interlinked - working together as an intelligent whole. We look at not only the physical aspect of your body, but also explore how emotions, past experiences and thoughts contribute to present-day outcomes. The aim is to go beyond simply treating the symptoms and to know your body at a deeper level.

The aim is to support your body’s natural ability to heal itself – rather than just masking the symptoms. Clinical Sessions are where you'll harness the gift of healing your mind, body, and soul to activate, actuate and create radical change in your life and health.

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