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Dark Goddess

This 10- week Goddess healing portal and ecstatic dance meditation journey.

I hear what you guys desire. You desire to release energetic, emotional, mental and physical weight.

You desire to activate your true sacred beauty, body and poise as you embody your natural essence that you are.


You desire your unique glow.


You desire to be free.


This is for you: badass babes.


You’ve been waiting for a sign.


You’ve been waiting for something to shift.


You’ve been waiting for a door to open, a road to clear, a path to be revealed.


You’ve been waiting for someone to show up and hand you the keys that unlock your life force energy, your creative powers, your magic.


You’ve been waiting for that one mentor who understands what it’s like to be you.

To feel the way you feel.


To know what it feels like to be in your body with all its aches, pains and gifts.


You’ve been waiting for a guide who can help you navigate the deep waters of your soul, and help you find your calling within that place of surrender.


The place where anything is possible.


Where creation happens without any effort on our part because we have learned to trust ourselves and follow our genius feminine without question or doubt.


I know you are ready to awaken the divine feminine within.


The wild woman who lives in this body of yours and has been locked away far too long.


Join me for 10 weeks to activate your inner Goddess,

Seer and Medicine Woman!

Let the spiritual immersion begin

You get the first invite for soul members: (purchase on web/computer only) link. Payment plans available for those to enquire.


Feel free to enquire within: this is an exclusive and intimate container live-streamed in your own temple space plus bonus activations and is invite only

The dark is the lightest light. It holds the power and potency to cleanse and purify your energy so that you can begin to see the Truth that has been obstructing your healing and power.

You desire the unique activation that will be felt in your whole body, each cell, an all encompassing frequency that upgrades your system.

In the divine paradox of steering and submitting to the universal current, you desire to experience the magic of flight and the ability to ride the wind and the waves.

You want to submit to your transpersonal (beyond personal identity) magical current of Truth and finally.

In this dark healing adventure, the divine feminine is the genius code - still, unmoving and the unconscious magic pulse.

The Dark Goddess is a 10-week portal of creation and destruction.
You will remove layers of outdated frequencies and craft a unique life and healing experience that genuinely matters to you and the authentic life expression you're made for. Your authentic soul path.

You will peel away illusion and allow yourself to feel your Truth in your body as you strip away all you have held so tightly to.

Thing is, embodying more of who you are ready to become as a woman in this world is a life-long path.

However, there are specific times when we can feel called to do the work of actively preparing for the ecstatic birth of our goddess gifts so that we can support ourselves and those closest to us.

These times may show up as:

You are feeling called to grow into a new phase of your life: Perhaps you have recently completed an important project, relationship, or career shift, and you are ready to feel more fulfilled and embodied in your life overall.

You want a more profound sense of presence with yourself and others.

You want to know what is true for you and be able to communicate this.

You want to feel safer sharing your deepest desires with others.

You want to create structures that nourish your most authentic self.

You are experiencing significant change or transition: Perhaps you are facing a critical crossroad in your personal or professional life, anticipating starting a family, grieving the loss of a loved one, going through a separation, beginning menopause, moving home and/or location.

You are feeling overwhelmed by all that is required of you at this time in your life. And you want more support from yourself, a mentor and the sacred realms.

It's time to unleash your goddess within.

If you want to discover and awaken your feminine power, be bold in expressing your true desires and live fearlessly, this is the place to find out how.

You can do hard things.

You can do scary things.

But those things don't have to be done alone.

Are you ready to get all the support you need to step into the life that's calling you?

Welcome to Dark Goddess, the 10-week program designed to awaken your unique and blueprinted inner goddess, seer and medicine woman so that you can feel powerful, confident, and supported in every area of your sacred life and healing.

Awakening the real you...
You radiate like the sun, gracefully and gently holding space for all others to be.

You are a catalyst of change in the world in your unique way, whether it's in your family home, career, friendships, spiritual growth or your divine life purpose / expression.

You are the master of your own magic and frequency.

You take full ownership of your power and know-how to consciously create your highest goddess directives.

In your world, there are no coincidences.

Opportunity blooms like wildflowers on every path, and synchronicity thrives in your existence.

Each activation of this series is encoded to catapult you:

To soar on the path of living a life full of beauty, pleasure, healing, creation and enjoyment, the way Goddess Bastet would want.

You can read up on more information about this healing opportunity and divine virtual retreat through the web and soul portal (access the landing page internally on your programs tab) or find out more here.