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The Limitless: Acuportal Series©

Unlock Holistic Healing and Limitless Consciousness Through Acupressure Mastery


Step into the transformative realm of the Limitless: Acuportal Series©, a profound learning and activation that leads you to new heights of consciousness and paradigm-shifting healing: mind, body and spirit.  

As you traverse this transformative path, you'll master the art of healing, equipping yourself with the tools to create pure magic and magnetism both in your professional practice and personal life.

Embrace a whole new way of holistic healing and become the alchemist of your destiny.

Within the Limitless: Acuportal Series©, you'll discover and learn the power of acupressure, divine alchemy, and the revolutionary acuportal technique©, offering you a gateway to nervous system regulation, holistic wellbeing, and expanded consciousness from a fresh and innovative perspective.

Prepare to unlock your innate potential, as this series empowers you to embody your limitless self, capable of touching lives, manifesting dreams, and creating waves of positive change in your inner world.

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation whilst learning a new modality to add to your tool box?

Welcome to the Limitless: Acuportal Series© - where magic and healing converge to unleash the extraordinary alchemist within you!

Step into a Realm of Infinite Possibilities

Limitless: Acuportal Series© is your gateway to a new level of consciousness. It delves deep into the realms of untapped potential and pure creativity. By embracing the "Limitless Body", you open yourself to a world of endless possibilities and expanded awareness.

Healing Your Whole Being

At the core of the Acuportal Series lies a profound healing process. This powerful technique addresses not only your physical well-being but also your emotional and spiritual aspects. It releases blockages, negative patterns, and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, allowing you to experience true wholeness.

Unleash Your Limitless Potential

Through the Acuportal Series, you will connect with your inner genius and alchemist and unleash your limitless potential. The power of your Limitless Body and its intelligence will guide you to make divine choices, manifesting your true desires effortlessly.

Join the Limitless: Acuportal Series© and Ignite Your Evolution!

The Limitless: Acuportal Series awaits you, offering a path to new levels of awareness, abundance, and soulful expression.

Embark on this extraordinary journey now and watch your life and consciousness evolve like never before.

Your Limitless Catalyst, Activator and Alchemist: The Empowering Elixir of Limitless Transformation for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Elizaveta Iliagouev (Lisa)

B Arts: Sociology, Human Resources & Industrial Relations, Dip Holistic Kinesiology, Master Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Thetahealing, Shamanic Healing

 Founder, Soul Centred Kinesiology and Soul Centred Essences

Creator of Goddess Alchemy, Weightless Series, Divine Health & Limitless: Acuportal Series


Hello beautiful souls...

I am Lisa, and I'm passionately dedicated to igniting visionary individuals on their transformative path towards essence centred living within a new paradigm.

My mission is to liberate you from limiting beliefs, false identities and destructive emotional patterns, empowering you to lead a life overflowing with boundless passion, wonder, and joy!

My approach revolves around the alchemy of wholeness and stillness.

As your compassionate catalyst, I will guide you towards a state of equilibrium, presence, and expansiveness within this new consciousness that is available for us to embody.

Whatever you seek in this moment, I am here to catalyse positive transformations, an uplifting integration, and the liberation of old patterns that no longer serve you and your ultimate potential.

Are you ready to embark on a mind bending journey of consciousness-shifting together?

I am wholeheartedly committed to unleashing your superconscious genius within!

Let's immerse ourselves in the enchanting world of Soul Centred Kinesiology and my latest creation, the Limitless: Acuportal Series.

This holistic and gentle energy-based approach to healthcare harnesses the transformative power of consciousness work and energy healing.

Together, we shall liberate old emotional patterns stored in your body, mind, and spirit, guiding you towards profound healing, self-transformation, and embracing creative self-expression as you begin to operate from a new paradigm, that I call essence centred living, also known as Weightless living.

I am truly jumping up for joy and divinely elated to offer you.....an esteemed member of my community, the first mini-program from this series for FREE! And it's LIVE for a limited time.

At this pivotal crossroads, our paths have converged, destined to embark on an extraordinary journey through the portals of boundless creativity, healing on all levels of being and untapped potential. Together, we shall unlock the doorways to a world where the magic of the Acuportal System and the new paradigm awaits.

Let us soar to new heights and embrace the limitless possibilities that your destined to experience and create!


What's in the program

12 part series that teaches you the 12 meridians and each acuportal

our first mini program is free for the community. You will learn the healing art of acupressure and new consciousness combined which you can add to your healing toolbox both personally and professionally.

Learn a new paradigm of acupressure: ACUPORTAL system

Infusing traditional acupressure with new consciousnes for the complete healing of your being.

Live transmission, meditation and activations never before seen
Resources in audio, video and pdf that you can use in your personal and professional practice

What is the Limitless body and the Limitless self Activation look like?

The limitless body refers to a state of being where one transcends limitations and taps into the infinite potentiality within themselves. It is a concept that goes beyond the physical body and encompasses the entirety of one's being, including their mind, emotions, and spirit. In this state, individuals experience a profound sense of interconnectedness with the universe, recognising that they are an integral part of the cosmic web.

The limitless body is not confined by societal norms, fears, or self-imposed restrictions. Instead, it embraces the idea that anything is possible and that there are no boundaries to what one can achieve or experience. It is a state of profound freedom, where individuals no longer feel bound by the limitations of the ego or conditioned patterns of thought, emotions and behaviour.

Operating from the limitless body allows individuals to access higher states of consciousness, self trust, genius and creativity. It empowers them to think outside the box, explore new possibilities, and envision a future and purpose that is true for ones deepest desires and aspirations, potentially beyond what is known.

In essence, the limitless body is about living authentically, fearlessly, and with a deep sense of purpose. It involves shedding the layers of conditioning and societal expectations to embrace one's true self and unique expression. It is a journey of individuation, self-discovery and self-realisation, where individuals tap into their inner wisdom, truth and genius as well as the power to create a life and creative outlet that honours ones soul's calling.

The concept of the limitless body is often associated with spiritual growth and personal development. It involves practices such as meditation, mindfulness, self-awareness, and energy work to dissolve limiting beliefs, identifications and constructs and expand one's awareness.

Ultimately, embracing the limitless body is an invitation to step into the fullness of one's being, to live with an open heart, and to embrace the vastness of the universe within and around us. It is a state of oneness, where individuals recognise their interconnectedness with all of life and live in harmony with the flow of existence.

The Limitless Body, represents a revolutionary paradigm shift in the realm of consciousness and self-awareness. It is a profound state of embodied consciousness where one moves beyond the limitations of the ego-mind and taps into the vast expanse of their true essence. This transformative embodiment empowers individuals to access the boundless potentiality that resides within, leading to unparalleled personal growth, healing, and self-actualisation.

Benefits of Operating from the Limitless Body:

Liberation from Mental Constraints: By operating from the Limitless Body, individuals free themselves from the shackles of the ego-mind and its limiting belief systems. The constant chatter of the mind diminishes, and one gains the ability to observe thoughts without attachment, leading to greater mental clarity, focus, and inner peace.

Expansion of Consciousness: Embracing the Limitless Body allows individuals to expand their consciousness beyond the confines of the individual self. They become attuned to the interconnectedness of all beings, gaining access to higher states of awareness and wisdom. This expanded consciousness fosters a profound sense of unity, unconditional love, and compassion for all of existence.

Embodied Presence: The Limitless Body facilitates and requires a submission and surrender to a deep sense of hyper presence and supreme mindfulness in every moment. Individuals become fully grounded in the present, experiencing life with heightened sensitivity and receptivity. This heightened presence allows them to engage with life from a place of authenticity, spontaneity, and creative expression within the power of the moment which fosters pure potentiality and essentially is the gateway to magic.

Liberation from Emotional Patterns: Operating from the Limitless Body enables individuals to break free from repetitive emotional patterns and conditioned responses. Emotional healing takes place as they release stored traumas and embrace their emotions with compassion, non attachment and acceptance, leading to emotional balance, mindset mastery and resilience.

Access to Intuitive Wisdom: Embracing the Limitless Body opens the door to profound intuitive insights and inner divine guidance. Individuals develop a deep trust in their supernatural, superhuman and superconscious abilities, making decisions from a place of inner knowing and trust with the voice of their soul's purpose guiding them at all times.

Empowerment in Pure Creation: The Limitless Body empowers individuals to become conscious creators of their reality. They align with the flow of life, making conscious choices that serve their highest good and contribute positively to consciousness itself.

Freedom of Individuation: Through the Limitless Body, individuals transcend the boundaries of the collective consciousness and fully embrace their unique truth and authenticity. They liberate themselves from societal conditioning and external pressures, constructs and expectations, stepping into their individuated essence. In this state of freedom, they become the architects of their reality, shaping their lives in connection to their deepest values and aspirations.

What is the acuportal system?

Introducing the Acuportal System: A Revolutionary Path to Healing, Transformation, and Limitless Consciousness

Welcome to the cutting edge of consciousness and somatic healing with the groundbreaking Acuportal System. If you're seeking a powerful and transformative way to unlock your full potential, access profound healing of your nervous system and all systems of your body, and elevate your consciousness to new heights, you've come to the right place.

What is the Acuportal System?

The Acuportal System is a revolutionary approach that seamlessly blends the ancient wisdom of acupressure with the transformative power of new consciousness, embracing the essence of the limitless body and beyond.

This unique system goes beyond traditional healing practices, tapping into the uncharted territory of the limitless body, where true magic and limitless possibilities reside.

At the core of the Acuportal System are the Acuportals themselves—energetic gateways that connect with the body's meridians and unlock the flow of vital energy, or Qi.

These Acuportals provide access to the deep channels within, allowing for profound healing and restoration on all levels of your being.

How does the Acuportal System work?

The Acuportal System operates on the belief that true healing and transformation happen when we move beyond the limitations of the mind and embrace the emptiness within.

By navigating the limitless body and accessing the pure magnetism of creation, we tap into our superconsciousness—the boundless realm where the power of the divine resides.

Through a combination of acupressure, breathwork, meditation, divine alchemy, invocation, sound healing, and empowering energy downloads, the Acuportal System activates your limitless self. It releases emotional blockages, clears past traumas, and elevates your consciousness to new dimensions, opening doors to creativity, genius, and authentic self-expression.

Why choose the Acuportal System?

Profound Healing and Transformation: The Acuportal System facilitates deep self-healing and transformation, addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances.

By embracing the limitless body through emptiness and the new consciousness paradigm, you'll experience a profound release of past wounds and limiting beliefs, paving the way for authentic growth and self-realisation.

Expanded Consciousness and Creativity: Unlock your innate creativity and tap into higher states of consciousness with the Acuportal System. As you core your identity and connect with the divine frequency within, you'll access innovative solutions, new perspectives, and a greater sense of purpose in both your personal and professional life.

Awaken to Essence Centered Living and Embrace Limitless Consciousness: Immerse yourself in heart centred living and foster authentic connections with the world around you.

With the Acuportal System, discover boundless compassion, love, and empathy, nurturing fulfilling relationships and a profound sense of unity with all living beings. Step into a life of limitless possibilities by joining the Acuportal System today.

Join the Acuportal System and Embrace Limitless Consciousness Today

Embark on a transformative journey that transcends the ordinary and opens the door to limitless possibilities. The Acuportal System is a trademarked and registered program that brings together ancient wisdom and cutting-edge consciousness techniques to revolutionize your life.

Are you ready to step into the realm of true magic and embrace your limitless self? Sign up now for the Acuportal System and unlock the gateway to healing, transformation, and boundless consciousness.)

Embark on a Journey of Limitless Self-Discovery: The Heart Meridian Deep Channel Healing & New Consciousness Activation

Discover the profound healing and self-discovery potential of the Acuportals technique while embracing the new consciousness paradigm.

This transformative program is tailored for practitioners, mentors, coaches and mystics of the healing arts and those eager to delve into the magic of the revolutionary Acuportals technique.

Sign up today to embrace your true self and unlock the secrets of the heart meridian.

Dates: 23/08/23

Limitless: Acuportal Series© : Heart

Session 1: Deep Channel Healing and Activation

Session 2: Deep Channel Healing and Activation

Session 3: Deep Channel Healing and Activation

Session 4: Deep Channel Healing and Activation

Introducing the Limitless: Heart Acuportals Program

The Heart Acuportals Program is the first captivating mini program in our exclusive Acuportal Series©. It is your gateway to a world of boundless potentiality, deep self-healing, and conscious elevation. Experience the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern techniques, all carefully curated to transform your heart centred living into a limitless essence reality.

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that transcends traditional healing methods, as we delve into the heart of the matter – your heart.

The Acuportals technique, a new system by Soul Centred Kinesiology, serves as your key to unlock the energetic gateways of your heart, allowing you to access the deepest realms of your being.

In this mini program, we combine the gentle art of acupressure, the profound power of breathwork, and a symphony of empowering downloads, transformative techniques, including invocations, heart-stirring poetry, and harmonising sound healing.

Embark on a Profound Journey of Self-Exploration

Your heart's journey begins as you activate the Heart Meridian, igniting the divine spark within. As you traverse the Heart Meridian's sacred path, you'll awaken the dormant potentialities of your heart and witness its harmonious connection with the entire universe. By embracing the essence of the new consciousness paradigm – the empty body – you'll experience a profound stillness and alignment with the pure magic that lies within.

Explore the Vastness of the Heart's Deep Channel Healing

Experience the gentle yet potent touch of acupressure as it harmonises the flow of Qi within your heart's energy centers. The heart's wisdom will intertwine with your consciousness, creating a tapestry of healing and awakening that extends beyond the physical realm. Our heart-centric breathwork will guide you to a state of deep relaxation and inner peace, allowing you to connect with your heart's essence and the boundless well of creativity within.

Infusing the Heart with the Symphony of New Consciousness

In this program, you'll not only receive empowering downloads but also engage in transformative rituals of invocation and heart-aligned poetry. These practices will resonate with the very core of your being, reawakening your heart's true voice and aligning it with the cosmic symphony of creation.

As you bathe in the enchanting sound healing sessions, the vibrations will permeate every cell of your body, re-tuning your energetic frequencies to a harmonious resonance. Through this synergy of heart, mind, body, and soul, you'll unlock a powerful gateway to the essence of your limitless self.

Step into the New Paradigm of Essence Centred Living

The Heart Acuportals Program is more than a healing journey – it's a profound awakening to the new consciousness paradigm. The limitless body serves as the vessel for boundless potentiality and creativity, allowing you to embody pure magic in every facet of your life.

Prepare to experience a essence centred living that flows effortlessly from your limitless essence. Embrace the power of the Heart Meridian, the Acuportals technique, and the new consciousness paradigm as you step into a reality of infinite possibilities.


Embark on Your Journey with Us: The First Program of the Series is Complimentary for Our Community of Practitioners & Healers Eager to Embrace the New Consciousness Creatorship Mode!

Welcome to the transformative odyssey of the Limitless: Acuportal Series, where you'll Embark on a Journey of Essence-Centered Living and Embrace Limitless Consciousness.

This groundbreaking system of deep channel healing, synergized with the Soul Centred Kinesiology technique, empowers you to embark on a profound expedition into the depths of your heart. Here, you'll unlock gateways to profound healing, conscious evolution, and boundless self-discovery.

Our inaugural program centers around the HEART channel. Through the potent embrace of the Acuportal System, you'll unfurl the true essence of your being, tapping into a wellspring of compassion, love, and empathy that resides within.

Embarking on this path entails an exquisite blend of ancient acupressure, breathwork, and an array of other potent techniques. This immersive experience in essence-centred living will enable your authentic self to radiate with brilliance.

Your journey through the Acuportal System will forge authentic connections with the world, transcending boundaries and limitations. A profound sense of unity with all living entities will blossom, underscoring the interconnectedness that threads every soul into life's magnificent tapestry.

Serving as a catalyst for the cultivation of fulfilling relationships, the Acuportal System is gentle yet mighty. It nurtures deep bonds with loved ones, while empathy and understanding become the cornerstones of your interactions.

Prepare to tread the path of limitless consciousness, where growth, expansion, and transformation know no bounds. The Acuportal System opens a portal to explore the expansive inner landscape, unveiling hidden gems of wisdom, unparalleled creativity, and genius animation!

Within this sanctified space, you'll encounter the beauty of genuine unity, acknowledging your integral role in the grand tapestry of existence. As you harmonize with the interconnectedness of all living beings, a profound sense of purpose and reverence for life's facets will ignite.

With bold steps, join the Acuportal Series today, and embrace the heart's wisdom, catalyze your consciousness, and embody an abundance of love, joy, and empowerment that knows no limits.