The Zen Experience

Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Soothing meditations for deep sleep, body balance, soul healing and zen lifestyle

Activating stillness and emptiness and divine neutrality for true reality to create original genius build or demolition to jump portals into your expansion. Creating alchemy and magic in the 3D.

Owning all parts of me and allowing those parts to be seen. Owning your totality and owning your gifts. Allow you and your gifts be seen.

Post the picture of your work.

Showing parts of yourself.

Where do you show up and asking questions.

Mastering the act of asking questions and skill.

What would it mean if I were visible.

I put my power into my art and craft. The magic and the truth. I create a deep connection with my audience.

I made my beliefs visible.

I allow freedom and trust freedom.

I show all parts of me

I live without acting a certain way

Masks :

I am in integrity in all circumstances and situations in all totality of you

Who I am on client calls

Where am I afraid to be seen?


Communication and articulated and poised communication. Teaching and coherence and grounding truth in communication.

I own every shred of my work and humanness
I allow myself to be seen
I know it’s enough
Where am I not showing up
I am allowing myself to be seen and what parts or other circumstances are I not allowing myself to be seen.


The Zen Experience

Soothing & Passion-Infused Meditations and Activations for Living Zen. The divine paradox of stillness and dynamic movement, between passion and grounding, heaven and earth, ecstatic dance and rhythm of the soul experience and quietude of meditation as life. This experience helps you transcend your mind and reclaim your Stillness to be one with your true self through a synergy of movement meets passion and stillness meets relaxation. Harmony frequency, love frequency, tranquil frequency, relaxation frequency, stillness and sacred living.

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