Weightless:Transforming your Physical Body and Aura.  

Weightlessness for Coaches, Energy Workers and Mentors.

A mystical pathway designed to shed physical and emotional weight in order to serve your clients powerfully, shift the paradigm, create wealth and attract clients through living and thriving your most potent expression.

Upgrade your vessel, voice, genius, realm and wealth.

Weightless: Physical
Coaches, Healers, Energy Workers and Mentors

Vibrant health

Our physical body holds the information about the condition of our health of our physical body.

Our physical body supports us by holding space, reflecting our feelings and allowing us to express our spirit into the physical world.

Our physical body is a life-force battery that bridges the physical and spiritual bodies.

Spiritually it draws forth our hidden or learned beliefs about the divine source and our relationship to it. Source energy is the vital life force of our whole being.

Iconic expression

We are all iconic expressions of the most potent energy in the universe.

The journey to weightlessness is a beautiful one.

You are a work of art, a masterpiece that is always organically evolving. You have been working toward and focussing on the moment you are revealed to the world and we are here to help you do just that.

When you upgrade your vessel, you can embody your most potent expression.

This is the time to embrace your most potent expression and embody your inner genius on all levels, particulary physical and emotional.

You have always been a beautiful vessel of energy, but sometimes the beliefs and emotions from your past can get in the way of you expressing yourself purely.  

When you make space for those things to be released, the present moment offers you the genius energy to express yourself naturally as you are.

This is an opportunity to clear old beliefs, identities and emotions that have been holding you back from reaching your true potential as a coach and mentor.

Together, we work on a physical, emotional and energetic level so that you can shed the past and fully express yourself without limits.

Weightlessness has become a focus for many coaches, mentors and energy workers because it allows them to feel lighter and more powerful than ever before.

Fun not force

Willing our way through the ultimate self expression will only get us to far. Here, we embody new consciousness to create the new paradigm from within. To embody the true ease of weightlessness without the energy of force which can be energetically toxic.

Radiant and sacred beauty

Beauty, what comes to heart about the vibration of beauty? The truth is, you are already beautiful as a being. Beauty is an energy and true beauty is an inside vibration. We are releasing dense emotions and clearing out the imbalances in the physical body which contributes to a healthy vibrational field, aura and health. We upgrade your energy body,

Emotional Mastery

Thriving as a conscious creator comes from mastering your emotions, and having the self-awarness on the deeper truth of your most powerful expression for your coaching and mentoring. As your emotions transform, you shift your paradigm and therefore help others shift theirs.  

The invitation

Program #1 Weightless: Physical Body.

6 weeks to your glowing and weightless body and aura.

Payment plans available per session/week (6 payments).

Live sessions in your private app.

Access to 1:1 WhatsApp/Email Support per class, Q&A and nutrition, movement and personal coaching.

Workbook & PDF energetic medicine and holistic nutritional program.

NLP Activating Questionaires.  

Healing through Movement Meditations.

6 Live masterclasses with lifetime access in your own app.

Lets work together

“I am shielded from my past and stepping into my future”

Week 4
I openly enjoy physical pleasure and make it part of my life

I feel strong and vital, my physical body supports my every move. Vitality radiates through my being.

Week 5
I embrace change on all levels, change is my nature

Week 3
I love and approve of myself on every level

Week 6
My body feels nourished and energised

Toxic Emotional Release: Are you holding on to weight due to unresolved emotional blocks?

Diving deep into self-awareness, we will release the emotional content of your physical and emotional bodies within the auric field. Addressing the present and desired goals and creating an energy blueprint to alchemise all stagnant energy.

Physical Weight Release:

Are you looking to release and shed physical fat in specific areas and overall, where you have tried dieting, physical fitness, creating the lifestyle changes and the weightlessness just doesn't seem to be working, or it feels like an uphill battle where you have to warrior up, imagining it takes unrelenting effort and bootcamp to simply feel satisfied with the way you look and feel?

In this program: We work on your belief systems, values and identifications / internal images /programs you currently have running in the unconscious mind and nervous system on what it means to you to be physically balanced, weightless and fit and release the energetic component of what is holding you back from loving your body and shedding the excess your looking to release.

Weight is energy, everything is energy and when we identify the unconscious energies that are preventing you from feeling and looking weightless, the path opens up for you. This includes re-organising your values and beliefs to awaken your consciousness to the limitless possibilities, shifting your perceptions of what it takes to live in the body temple you love.

Mental Weight Release:

Often radical change comes from the spaciousness of meditation and theta brain - the dream state. Here in the stillness and tranqulity of a mind that is no longer attached to outcomes, past issues or present day feelings, attachments or fixations, you are in the perfect “zero-point” energy to create the foundations for a lifestyle that offers you the “precision” to live in accordance to the values, beliefs and energetics of “weight-less”. The meditation and mental weight release component is here to clear your mind from overwhelm, rushing, too much going on in the mind, restless energy so that you can fully be in the now to take actionable steps to live the lifestyle that offers you the health and movement that nurtures the feeling of weightless. How do we do this? In this program, we will activate the stillness and presence of mind through meditation and solfeggio frequencies that can alter your mood, place you in an altered state of consciousness offering you the relaxation and serenity (the foundations) necessary to lead a weightless day to day. We will be using NLP techniques, Kinesiology techniques and movement techniques such as divine feminine dance healing to live in this stillness and peacefulness.


Bio-chemical Weight Release:

The food you eat isn't just about nutrition, often it’s any consumption, what you take into your day. Here you will learn how to incorporate the nutritional aspect of weightlessness, by consuming the foods and connections that nourish your body, alkalising your inner temple with a clean and detoxing lifestyle and nutrition.

You will receive a tailored PDF on the following diets without feeling like your dieting, a lifestyle change to say the least.

  • The alkaline lifestyle
  • The blood type lifestyle
  • 5 elements nutrition lifestyle - nutrition from a Traditional Chinese Element guideline
  • You will have access to me via Whattsapp or through private messages on mighty networks to track your progress and keep you inspired throughout the entire program
  • In our very own whatsapp group, we will share our meals, our ideas, what we are consuming, what we are cutting out. You will have complete access to your own personal coach daily via messenger/text, helping you be your own coach, determined and disciplined in being held accountable and motivated to thrive in this new world of weightlessness.

Movement and Life as a dance:Because of this program you will begin to move your body in ways you feel naturally called to, you will reprogram your lifestyle to embody the energy of weightless movement. You will commit to any movement that sings to your soul and feels weightless in its action. Whether it’s dancing at home, yoga, walking and meditating, going to the gym, running, water spots or any other activity. You will receive an activation that awakens your consciousness to the energetics of movement and in this movement you begin to feel weightless, allowing your physical body to become weightless as you live your daily life weightless.

Nervous system healing:Using the principles of the 5 elements and merdian system, you will heal your nervous system towards safety and socialisation, moving away from any fight/flight/freeze programs using Kinesiology protocal. In doing so, your muscles, organs and other systems of body will move into homeostasis allowing you to have capacity to let go of any self-sabotaging behaviours that are preventing you from feeling weight-less such as over-eating, comfort eating, not moving your body,

Healing specific programs that are the foundations of a weightless world/living: Using energetic medicine, clinical conditions and the elements of life: fire, water, air, ether and earth, we activate and balance: hormones, sleep, creativity/sexuality/sacral imbalances, addictions, closed-heartness, metabolism, nutrition, environment, self-esteem, fear, trauma, stress, minerals, and fatigue.

Feeding your spirit:

  • Activating what feeds your spirit
  • Living your values and what you feel is important
  • Discovering what restores you
  • Exploring what excites you
  • Doing what makes you happy and smile
  • Trust your inner guidances and gut instinct
  • Recognising and embracing your uniqueness as the gift
  • Allowing yourself to be you
  • Living in a way that nourishes you
  • Connecting with others in ways that is meaningful
  • Being true to yourself
  • Being in the moment
  • Feeling how you want to feel
  • Moving away from pain and toward mission and purpose


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