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Weightless: Physical

The Live Portal and Transmission for Transforming your Body, Life and Aura.

8 weeks of pure magic with Lifetime access via The Soul Centred Portal App.

For The Mystical Coach, Mentor, Energy Worker and Soulpreneur.


There's a weightless shift in consciousness that's happening right now, and it's now time to let go of everything that no longer serves your highest nourishment and deepest truth.


Weightless: Physical is the program and alchemical immersion for unlocking your body's natural ability to heal itself.

This sacred 8-week journey of body, aura, and life transformation is programmed to spiritually renew you physically, emotionally, and soulfully, in both your personal and professional life.

You'll start to change your habits, movement, and nutritional practices in completely new and innovative ways.

You'll improve digestion so that all of your cells have access to nutrients.

You'll dissolve toxins in your body that have been slowing down healing or causing pain.

You'll detoxify from the inside out so that every cell can be fed with clean energy, removing heavy metals and chemical byproducts.

You'll alchemize emotions from old traumas so that you can feel lighter, wealthy and expansive, emotionally as well as physically.

And all of this is just a taste of what's to come in this new consciousness, LIVE, spiritual and physical transformation.

Vibrant Health, Balance and Life Force

Iconic and Pure Self-Expression of your Soul & Human offering.

Deepen your Spiritual Practice through new consciousness. A new sight and self awareness.

Unleash the true freedom of living from a new system to express your soul work without being tied to a desk, bound by time, hustle and long hours. True Weightlessness in how you “do” you.

Fun, Joy, Pleasure not Force, Striving & Attachment for results. Simplify your Life.

Glowing confidence and feeling natural in your own skin when presenting your work on video and in your sacred spaces.

Expand, Amplify and Attract your most Soul Stiring Connections.

Experience the Magic of a new way to "Let go" and Heal — Reverence, Truth, Wisdom, Art, Self-discovery, Loyalty, Unshakable Trust, Awakening, Wonderment, Awe, Love and Aliveness.

Setting Upgraded Standards, Precision, Details, Big picture Creativity and honing in on your individuated medicine. Learning the deeper clarity on your precise standards, craft and presentation.

Radiant and Sacred Beauty, Balanced in your Nervous System, Hormones and Emotions about being seen and heared. Showing up without stress.

Emotional Release, Alchemy and Energetic Mastery through a unique Sacred Journey. No longer managing your energy and living energised.

Weightless lifestyle, attitude, health and voic, standing tall and changing others life through leadership. Guiding Alchemy from anywhere in the world. Deleting the blueprint of “working hard” for it to "make it".

Dare to wander where your soul is leading you

In Weightless, I'll take you on a journey into that space where unlimited possibility and pure potentiality reside.

You will come to understand how you can access this place anytime, anywhere, at any moment.

You will be guided through a powerful process that helps you connect with your inner and divine genius frequency and unlock the deeper energetics of body and soul health and your god-given gifts that live within.

It's time for a new consciousness, and I'm here to help you create it.

We'll be exploring how to awaken the sacredness inside each one of us.

This is not just a weight-loss program—it's more like a weight loss program meets living meditation meets soul food meets ecstatic rhythm meets yoga meets mindfulness meets conscious living and divine expression/service — without the constructs and rules of what is "known".

You've never experienced anything like this before because that's what I am here to do, offer and expand revolutionary frequencies. It is the DAWN of the NEW YOU.


This isn't just about helping you, the soulpreneur changes your life and body—it's about a transformation of consciousness and allowing you to see yourself with new eyes.

Weightless will guide you through the process of becoming more authentically yourself, so you can attract your dream clients and get paid in integrity for your divine offering.

Clients who are ready to transform their lives by working with a mystical coach they trust and want to be in your divine presence.

You'll learn to help them see themselves as the change agents they truly are and show them how they can make magic happen for themself and the individuals of this world by living their truth.

You can have and be your dream body, life, and aura.

Weightless is the portal for this.

This is a two-part program: a physical body program and a shift in consciousness program.

You'll be guided through a series of transmissions and activations over 8 weeks that will help you transform your physical body into a weightless one by using energetic medicine and mastery codes.

You'll also learn about how to shift your consciousness to the new and create the life and aura you want for yourself.

We offer two payment plans so that anyone can participate. Simply email info@soulcentredkinesiology.com.au to find out more!

The first four weeks will focus on healing your body from the inside out with holistic and energetic nutrition and bodywork, while the next four weeks will focus on aspects of your life and coaching practice that may be holding you back from expressing your most weightless and powerful self.

You'll have access to live sessions in your private app via our Soul Centred Portal as well as 1:1 WhatsApp/Email Support per class.

You'll also receive nutritional and movement coaching support for the duration of the program.

You will have full access to activating resources for the cellular transformation you are here for.

Our private and sacred space where this transformation is held will walk you through everything.

Plus, I'm throwing in some bonuses and surprises along the way just because. Plus, I'm throwing in some bonuses and surprises along the way just because.

Lets work together

Access this program and auric field balance in your own sacred space and app via the Soul Centred Portal.

I am shielded from my past and stepping into my future.

I allow my creative passion to ignite my way forward.

I acknowledge, honour and own all my feelings.

I openly enjoy physical pleasure and make it part of my life.

I have an abundance of energy to create my dreams.

I breathe slowly and live so powerfully present.

I feel strong and vital, my physical body supports my every move.

Vitality radiates through my being.

Movement becomes me, I embrace a life of change and creativity.

I embrace change on all levels, change is my nature.

I am safe, protected and secure in myself.

I eat nourishing and uplifting foods to feed and nurture my physical body.  

I love and approve of myself on every level.

I move and express from my own power source.

I connect to who I am at my deepest level.

My body feels nourished and energised.

I am connected to the universe within, attracting abundance and prosperity into my life.

I find ways in which to be happy and joyous and practice them daily.

Emotional Rebalance & Alchemy: Are you holding on to weight due to unresolved emotional blocks and attitudes?

I feel emotionally balanced in life.

I am worthy of equal, honest and beautiful relationships.

I appreciate the beauty, wonder and awe of all of life.


Physical Body & Life Weightlessness Activation

I am in the moment making moment by moment moves.

I transmute the past thoughts and move ever more freely into being the power source.

I feel whole and complete in who I am.


Soul Work and Spiritual Evolution Weightlessness Activation

I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring, embodying and expressing the new me.

I expand my life through the energy of my heart and soul.

There is mo limits to my potential.

I speak truth.

I started my Weightless Program and journey by surrendering my mind to the realm of the unknown.

The living presence of now.

I didn't know where I was going or what would happen, but I knew it was time for me to discover something new about myself and to operate differently, essentially to "upgrade".

I knew that I had this deeper urge for a vast and expansive self-expression and way of being.

And then something amazing happened: I started to deeply listen to my body's wisdom instead of my logical or "sensible", reasonable mind.

And when I did that, the magic started and I felt all of it.

I realized that the answers to unlocking what I was hungry for - the expansion, the freedom, the true ease, the bliss, the joy, the wonder, the inspiration, the illumination, trust, love, connection...All of these frequencies were always within me.

It was about being true to my being and allowing spiritual revelation and evolution to lead me in ways that my rational mind could never do.

I discovered in this Weightless journey, the deeper nuance that I was ready to take ownership of and submit to.

What was I submitting?

The beauty and divine offering of my soul and the infinite potentiality within me, completely and boldly.

So, what is the Weightless Program about?

It's about truth.

Yes, you will release the weight.


Yes, you will begin to glow and experience vitality, possibility and more time for yourself, as we cleanse your auric field and remove all the baggage.


Yes, you will catalyze yourself to have the dream realm you want and yes you will start to feel "free" in your body, whatever that means and looks like for you.


Yes, you will eat well, change your habits and find joy in making meals that are healthy and glowing too.


You may even start growing your food and take ownership of the conscious living that you're wanting because it feels too dam good.


You may start to take more time off to do the whole, lifestyle, and balance things that you keep saying to yourself that you should do.


Yes, you will begin to actuate the balance between your soul work, self-work, client work, and alive play.


And yes, because you have owned your gifts and magic and accept all of where you at and who you truly are, you will attract clients and have powerful results and experiences with them.


And because you are magnetic, you cannot help but make money.

Your way. With acceptance and beyond the should, have to, need to, and weight of how this needs to look or gets to be.


You'll have a true spiritual sight and discernment about your wealth-making abilities.


All of the tangibles are here for you. But the truth is...

You will have more than all of this.


You get to learn how to CRAFT your ideal world from your source of power and truth, beyond social conditioning, the limitations of the mind, and the construct of what it means to have it all, your way.


Discovering, embodying, and living your truth as a human, soul, masterful healer, mentor, and mystical coach.


If you've ever felt like you're trying to lose weight but it just doesn't seem to happen for you, if you're not confident in your body 100% and want to be if you're stuck in patterns of eating that you are not in integrity with, if you don't find ecstasy in your movements, both physically and business-wise and want that…this program flips the paradigm on its head and creates a new vibration to your most life-giving and self-sourced expression.

All of it gets to be unlocked in your physical environment, business, body, mission, and life.


And no, this isn't too much or too good to be true. Do you know why?


Firstly, because if this truly matters to you and you believe in your pure potential, then you can have all of this and more, your way.


Secondly, I only teach what I embody for myself.

This is why I am excited about this journey for you. You can fulfill your true soul intentions and goals with Weightless and it is up to you to embody the weightlessness of your choosing, whatever it means to you.


I wanted this experience and result with every fiber of my being and that is what I have crafted in life.

Now, I get to live a spacious and expansive life, body, nourishment practice, and business that is weightless.

Of course, there will always be work to do, but in this new consciousness, there is no heaviness in the journey and process. It becomes and gets to be timeless, priceless, and real.

With Infinite Love and Perfect Truth.

Soul Centred Kinesiology

I used to feel like my weight was holding me back from feeling truly confident in my body.

I used to feel like I was always trying to lose weight, but nothing ever worked, like I was losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight.

I used to believe that if I just ate less, exercised more, and had a better attitude about my body, then everything would be okay.

I had no idea how to uncover the root of these feelings and how they were impacting my physical health and energy until I started practicing energetic medicine and new consciousness.

I started learning about the deeper truths of energy work through the embodiment of this program and I began to craft a new vibrational blueprint in my body and life that allowed me to break through old emotional patterns and discover an incredible sense of freedom in my life and spiritual business.

As an energy worker and mystical coach, I've helped hundreds of clients unlock their truth about their bodies and move into a place of total confidence within themselves, in how they express and serve their potent medicine to the world.

The Weightless Program is an eight-week sacred journey designed specifically for the mystical coach, mentor, and energetic worker who wants to stop struggling with their weight and start living the life they deserve: one where you are truly free from judgment and self-doubt because they are finally loving their body, living in the present, know exactly who they are and the potent magic they offer the world and their soul people.

You've been waiting for this.
You've been dreaming about it.
Your body is ready to live and show up weightless.
Your aura is already shining bright and we are going to take it to an unimaginable and delicious energetic level of glow.
And here and now, you're finally saying an all-body yes to taking the leap and making it happen, no matter what.
Your body already knows if this program is made for you.