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Mystic Refill: Sacred Archetypes Botanical Mist Concentrate

Begin a journey of spiritual discovery with the Mystic Mist refill by Soul Centred Essences. Immerse yourself in the mystical blend of Kaffir Lime, Blue Tansy, Coriander Seed, Turmeric, and Black Pepper Oils, beautifully complemented by the essences of Sydney Rose Flower, Amethyst Gem, and Reishi Mushroom. To refill, simply add 15ml of the concentrate to your Mystic mist container and complete it with water, setting the stage for a profound connection with the divine and a deepening of inner wisdom.

Discover more about the Mystic Botanical Mist and its spiritual benefits at [Explore Mystic Mist](https://soulcentredkinesiology.com/blogs/news/mystic-botanical-mist).