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Soul Centred Kinesiology:

Healing your whole being

Soul Centred Portal & Mentoring:

Crafting a masterpiece of your well-being, life and soul expression.

Soul Centred Essences:

Nourish your body and soul.
Infinite Love, Wholeness and Sacred Archetypes.


Genius Retreat Membership

Sacred Journeys 3-6 Session Packages

Weightless: Virtual Retreat & Program

The Zen Experience: Virtual Meditation Journey

Divine Alchemy: Downloads Meditation Journey

Dark Goddess: Divine Feminine Meditation Journey

The Elixir: 1:1 Mentorship & custom program

The Upgrade: 1:1 Mentorship & Custom Program

Soul Codes: Free Community Program

Soul Legacy: Complementary Mentorship Program

Inner Alchemy: Lower Dantian Transmission & Virtual Retreat

Wholeness Now (Coming soon).

Revelation (Career Coaching Special 4 x 1 hour sessions + custom program)

Oracle (Unlock your Inner Oracle) 1:1 sessions + Custom Program

Corporate Wellness Program

Soul Centred Essences (Shop Coming Soon)

Limitless: Acupressure Series (Coming Soon)

Weightless Spiritual Virtual Program (coming soon)

Inner Alchemy: Middle Dantian Transmission (coming soon)

Inner Alchemy: Upper Dantian Transmission (coming soon)

Zen Experience: Evolution
Virtual Meditation Series

Destiny: 1:1 Mentorship Package 3- 6 months




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