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GODDESS: Sacred Archetypes Botanical Mist (PREORDER)


Unleash the goddess within with Sacred Archetypes Goddess Botanical Mist by Soul Centred Essences. This luxurious blend of 100% pure essential oils, organic vibrational essences, and herbal elixirs is crafted to evoke the energy of the divine feminine, empowering you to embody joy, wisdom, nurturing, guidance, physical grace, athletic prowess, sensuality, and power.

Transform your space and aura with the transformative energy of our mists and tap into your iconic self. Whether you're seeking to boost your confidence in your life legacy and work, or simply want to radiate grace and power in your daily life, our mists will help you unleash your inner goddess.

Featuring a carefully curated blend of Pink Grapefruit, Vetiver, Pink Lotus, Rose Absolute, Yuzu, and vibrational essences such as Emerald Essence, White Lotus Essence, Papaya Essence, our mist is safe for use on your aura, space, office, and surroundings. Infused with natural ingredients like Limonene, Echinacea Extract, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, and Natural Vitamin E, our mist is the perfect companion for your journey towards healing and transformation.

Embody the grace and wisdom of the goddess within and unlock your ultimate self with Sacred Archetypes Goddess Botanical Mist by Soul Centred Essences. Order now and be among the first to experience the transformation that our mist can bring to your life. Presale has begun and shipping will start in mid April. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with Sacred Archetypes Goddess Botanical Mist by Soul Centred Essences.

We created a range of Botanical Mists to unlock your ultimate and iconic self.

Infused with herbal and botanical essences, the Sacred Archetypes Vibrational Mist is a beautiful way to add some extra magic to your day, aura, emotions and sacred space.

Just mist it on your clients aura, your space, and your aura—and feel the qualities of love, joy, freedom, groundedness, calm and power radiating from you as you do it.

The mist contains certified organic essential oils and organic vibrational essences that are designed to support you in your embodiment practice and cultivation of your sacred gifts by actualising the power of each sacred archetype within.

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