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December 10, 2022 1 min read

When cleansing your sacred home, incorporating Intention, prayer and clear quartz will aid in amplifying your newly cleansed and installed positive energy. I use ThetaHealing, Invocations and prayers daily because I believe that words are like spells, travelling in the quantum field creating cause and effect (law of the universe) ie a signal/ electromagnetic current for communication & transformation.
Here are some prayers and techniques to amplify your home cleansing ritual:

1. Creator of all that is, it is requested unconditional love, light and healing is sent to my home, purifying, cleansing, recharging, renewing and raising the vibration of my home. Thank you, it is done it is done it is done. See and witness the transformation taking place using your imagination. Feel gratitude for this cleansing process and it being complete.
Invocation: “I now call upon my higher self, Source and all energies of light to support and enter into this space, clearing my home from density and filing my home with the highest vibration of love and divinity. Thank you.

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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