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On the Path Less Judged

June 29, 2023 2 min read

On the Path Less Judged

I followed the holy, virtuous way,
With premeditated steps each day,
But it didn't work, it left me cold,
For something deeper longed to unfold.

Downloads came, whispers from within,
Unveiling the path where true hearts begin,
Emotional, mental, spiritual, and more,
An authentic expression I now explore.

No judgment or shame, I shall embrace,
Every emotion, every trace,
For within me lies a sacred fire,
Burning with passion, my heart's desire.

I ramble on about what I hold dear,
No matter if others disapprove or sneer,
Society's constructs hold no sway,
In this genuine journey, I find my way.

And when my rage cannot be tamed,
Unseen, invalidated, feeling maimed,
I won't suppress, I won't pretend,
I'll embrace the anger, let it ascend.

There are no rules in this paradigm new,
No right or wrong, no fixed view,
No psychology to refine and mold,
Into an impeccable human, foretold.

Self-development is a worthy quest,
To gain wisdom and be our best,
But apologies for our truest self,
Are not prerequisites for spiritual wealth.

I choose to accept my sacred might,
To differentiate wrong from right,
To honor my animal nature's voice,
With discernment, I make my choice.

No more apologies for outbursts untamed,
No need for conscious repatterning, I've proclaimed,
I shed the shame, the judgment's sting,
Embracing vulnerability, emotions that sing.

There's nothing wrong, no need to pretend,
Anger and exhaustion, they sometimes blend,
With paradox and discernment, I'll tread,
On this path less judged, where my truth is spread.

It's time to trust the depths within,
To release the burden of original sin,
No longer confined by society's mold,
I embrace my rawness, uncontrolled.

Allowing the lion within to roar,
In a way that may not be seen before,
For love takes many forms, diverse and vast,
Uncomfortable, yet necessary to cast.

No longer apologising for being real,
For the moments when I cannot conceal,
The weariness that seeps into my bones,
When patience fades and I stand alone.

Yes, there's discernment in each act,
A dance of paradox, a delicate pact,
But I won't apologize for being true,
For expressing what I feel and what I do
In this journey of embracing my soul,
I reclaim my power, I become whole,
No more conforming to societal lies,
No more stifling my heartfelt cries.

So let us shed the shackles of shame,
And embrace our emotions without blame,
For on this path, we find our own way,
With acceptance, love, and freedom to sway.

The new paradigm calls us to be,
Authentic, unapologetic, wild and free,
No more seeking validation or control,
But trusting ourselves as we unfold.

So let us walk this path with pride,
With courage as our faithful guide,
Embracing all parts of our being,
In this sacred dance, we find our meaning.

No longer bound by guilt or regret,
We reclaim our power, we won't forget,
That in our intensity, our vulnerability too,
We discover the beauty of being true.

So let us celebrate our human core,
With all its messiness and so much more,
On this path less judged, we shall embark,
Embracing our light and our shadows, spark by spark.

Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin