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Self Love will create the life of your dreams

June 27, 2023 2 min read

Embrace the downloads of vitality's grace,
Say yes to self-love, in every embrace.
Yet, hidden beneath your ego's disguise,
Lurks guilt, silently feasting on your cries.

Guilty for not meeting your lofty aims,
For consuming bread, igniting the flames,
Of inflammation within, pain as your guide,
Neglecting the body, letting it slide.

Guilty for hormonal imbalances untamed,
But listen closely, let it be proclaimed,
Self-love takes precedence, the ultimate key,
Not conditional upon a future body decree.

Love thyself now, let it deeply seep,
Creating, coding, recoding, dreams to reap,
For we all know this truth, so sublime,
Yet what if the culprit is guilt's heavy chime?

Shame, self-criticism, the need to repair,
Obligation, pressure, force that's unfair,
Frustration, regret, and raging despair,
These toxic whispers, handle with care.

Remember this, dear soul, with utmost might,
Self-love and leadership must take flight,
Then, behold, dreams arrive, shimmering near,
Book that healing session, no need to fear.

Invest in yourself, a priceless decree,
Meal prep your nourishment, live medicinally,
It's your self-love, the compass to steer,
Towards the destination, dreams brought near

Let love guide your steps, with each chosen path,
Releasing the burdens of guilt's aftermath.
In healing sessions, find solace and mend,
Investing in yourself, a journey to transcend.

Meal prepping with care, your body's delight,
Living a medicinal lifestyle, shining bright,
For it's in self-love's embrace you will find,
The power to unlock the dreams in your mind.

Release the shackles of toxic dismay,
Replace them with love, let it lead the way,
With each tender act of self-compassion,
Unleash the magic, ignite your passion.

Embrace the whispers of self-leadership true,
Unleashing potential, creating anew,
For when love emanates from deep within,
Dreams manifest, the journey begins.

So, dance with self-love, let it be your guide,
Through valleys and peaks, where dreams reside, Book that healing session, embrace the unknown,
Discover the power within you've always known.

Invest in yourself, for you are worth,
Every moment, every effort, since birth,

With self-love as your compass, fear takes flight,
Unveiling the vistas of your soul's pure light.

So, let love and self-leadership prevail,
A harmonious symphony, an empowering tale,
Embrace the dream, for it's yours to seize,
Nurture your soul, let self-love be your keys.

Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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