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Integrity is your GPS in the darkness of infinite possibilities

July 05, 2023 2 min read

THIS is what is activated and created when you enter into the temple of your own heart.

Dare to live as the sacred rebel that every moment is a soul honouring integrity no matter what the external / illusion pressure cooker tells you.

Refuse to sell your soul for false sense security / belonging.

In the realm of true spiritual individuality and discernment - You are the ground of being and the source of magic and I am here to show you how to unhook from all the constructs that keep you in a loop of distortion.

Walking the path of your natural essence as the Dark Goddess and Genius frequency is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

For us to live in our most liberated state, we must allow ourselves to dive into the shadows that exist within ourselves, our society, and our planet.

Through this process, we will be met with fear and resistance, but we will also be met with love, and the pure light of creation.

The Dark Goddess program is for the wild woman inside you.

She is your inner medicine woman, seer and mystic.

She embodies all parts of herself; light and dark.

She knows that there is magic in her shadow self, just as much as there is magic in her light.

She knows that to reach full potential she needs both aspects of herself to be integrated into one whole being.

If you feel called to join this global movement of empowered sovereign woman on this healing journey, get in touch privately.

The Dark Goddess….

The woman who is not ‘nice’.

The woman who is not compliant.

The woman who is not a people-pleaser.

The woman who does not seek approval from every ego that crosses her path.

The woman who does not adhere to the embedded morality and restrictions related to ‘what good girls do’.

She is not a 'good girl’.

She is not a 'bad girl’ either. She refuses to be put into boxes because she has chosen to release and liberate her Spirit.

Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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