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The art of adoring yourself. Self love activation

June 27, 2023 1 min read

The art of adoring yourself and all that is

In the realm of self-devotion, let your heart ignite,
Embrace the art of loving, bask in its divine light.
Release the shackles of negative self-concept's hold,
Discover the truth within, a love story yet untold.

Reflect upon the thoughts that dim your inner glow,
Acceptance blooms, flaws and all, watch your love grow.
Nurture your being, body, mind, and spirit entwined,
For self-care speaks volumes, affirming you're divine.

Awareness awakens, as old judgments gently fade,
Forgiveness dances freely, no longer delayed.
Let go of ego's grip, the "I" thought's limited space,
Unveil the boundless love, a glimpse of divine grace.

In God consciousness, seek connection with the sublime,
Surrendering desires, trust in the grand design.
Embrace unity's embrace, dissolve the illusion's wall,
Love's current flowing through, embracing one and all.

Live from the heart, where compassion's seeds reside,
With empathy and kindness, the world is unified.
Gratitude as your guide, abundance you will find,
Let go of scarcity, and love will be your bind.

Authenticity blooms, unapologetically true,
For in your essence lies a love that's ever-new.
Transcend the veil of vanity, embrace humility's glow,
Serving others selflessly, love's pure essence will show.

Now, in this healing poem, let self-love ignite,
Embrace the art of loving, bathe in its celestial light.
You are worthy, dear soul, a masterpiece complete,
Unveiling love's reflection, in every heartbeat.





Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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