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November 26, 2021 3 min read

When I first began practicing Soul Centred Kinesiology I was in survival mode, desperately trying to feel normal and ok with life.

 Everything stressed me out because I had big dreams to be a somebody and Soul Centred was born from the actual need to repair and recover from all the self imposed conditions I believed where necessary to be that special somebody. 

As the journey unravelled I noticed I was definitely supported by a higher power than myself.

Why? I feel the nature of healing is the nature of unconditional love. 

The very intention to help others and myself untangle from the limits of the mind and emotional suppression was the activation and path required to learn truth, wisdom and self. 

P.s this is the very last time I am asking why. In dark consciousness, the new operational system that genius operates in, there is no reflection. There is no why, how, what. We go to the original self that is beyond identity, identification and belief. 

What is discovered is that we are already free, whole, divine, loved and treasured as the natural being that we are! Now being does not necessarily mean person! 

Being is far greater and unbounded than a person. Being is sentience. Pure awareness. Presence.

Consciousness. Being conscious. To fully be conscious and presence requires direct living and direct experience in this eternal now. What is realised along the path, is all is divine. Everything. What is discovered is eternity. What is discovered is we are the power and creative source of life itself.

What is discovered is, narratives, stories that we piece together through memory and ideas of what we think we know is part of the illusion that keeps us from the truth of natural consciousness.

The sun, the moon, fire, water, air, a frog, a tree, an ant…all of these aspects of the greater whole do not have self consciousness and yet we have been programmed to assume we can change ourselves, transform ourselves. 

When there is no need to. Fire doesn’t need to be more like fire. Water doesn’t need to be less like water. Collapsing illusion, getting to the realness of our true nature is the core of this work.

The last couple months (time is a complete illusion and thus I’m speaking in paradox here), I have proactively undergone a process of self realisation by going through my own internal portal and shedding myself to the core, to the root of being. Silence, unhooking, coming home to the natural self that has always been there underneath all these ideas of who I think I’m supposed to be. 

The shedding took longer than expected. The shedding delayed my course launch. Why? 

I was meant to teach light medicine, now all I want to do is teach how to let go of everything. How to unthether, unhook, stop, pause, strip it, unveil it, collapse it so the natural magnificence of LIFE itself comes online in its full radiance. You are life. Life is non analytical and therefore simply let go of needing to know. I’m teaching….non teaching. 

I’m teaching high energetics and a new kind of consciousness where we no longer fix or change you. 

We simply reveal the truth. 

The authentic self.

Life as it really is. No longer in a state of becoming. Simply living as being. 

Already Free, Drone Video Art by Soul Centred Kinesiology, captures the journey of travelling within the core self and embodying the archetypal beauty and wisdom of the natural world. Already Free is art that is encoded with the truth that we are already whole, divine and liberated. 

Come join me for a shift in consciousness, by reaching out at 



Lady Elliot Island, Great Barrier Reef, Photography by Soul Centred Kinesiology

Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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