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Liberator Refill: Sacred Archetypes Botanical Mist Concentrate

Step into a world of self-liberation with the Liberator Mist by Soul Centred Essences. This unique refill is infused with a blend of Sandalwood, Frangipani, Egyptian Geranium, Melissa Leaf, and Ylang Ylang Oils, enriched with the essences of Aquamarine, Elderflower, Ashtiba, and Maitake. To replenish your Liberator Mist, simply mix 15ml of the concentrate with water, readying you for a transformative journey towards freedom and inner resilience.

Learn more about the Liberator Sacred Archetypes Botanical Mist and its empowering qualities at [Discover Liberator Mist](https://soulcentredkinesiology.com/blogs/news/liberator-mist-30ml-concentrate?_pos=1&_sid=9133adfdf&_ss=r).