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Tender Loving Care: 6-Week or 6-Month Mentorship with Monthly Sessions, Inclusions, and Bonus Therapy and Coaching Access

Embark on a Transformative Six Month Spiritual Mentorship and Healing Journey

Join a unique six month or six week, retreat-style mentorship, combining personalised coaching, therapy, and oracle work tailored to you. We will have a sacred journey together every month for 90 minutes and continue with ongoing therapy and coaching through Telegram or WhatsApp. 

Program Essence:

This mentorship goes beyond the conventional, offering you a transformational experience. It guides you from a life led by survival emotions to one deeply rooted in your heart and soul. This journey focuses on love, compassion, and acceptance, guiding you to a life filled with love, a sense of unity, and reconnection with your true self. It's a path to enlightenment, leading back to your inner light and true unity.

Investment Details: $5000 AUD (Payment plans available upon application. To apply, email info@soulcentredkinesiology.com.au)

Ideal for You:

If you are a visionary individual, spiritual entrepreneur, or leader seeking deeper connections with love and acceptance in all aspects of life, both personal and professional.

If you are an intuitive person eager to transition from survival emotion-driven reactions to a life centred in the heart, enhancing your emotional intelligence and spiritual growth.

If you are a spiritual or intuitive leader aiming to integrate unity consciousness and holistic well-being into your professional and personal life.

Program Features:

Choose between a 6 week intensive (1 90min session per week) or a more extended 6-month mentorship tailored to your needs.

Personalised one-on-one sessions to align your life, creative expression, and personal growth with the essence of love.

Heart-centred activations to unlock your life energy and potential as a role model or in your leadership development with communication, authenticity, power, harmony, and compassion.

Key Advantages for You:

Emotional and spiritual development through a heart and soul centred approach, embodying "Tender Loving Care."

Comprehensive well-being, integrating your mind, body, and spirit.

Enhanced self-awareness, fostering deeper connections and relationships in your life.

A sense of unity consciousness, nurturing a feeling of oneness and universal connection for you.

Transformational Results for You:

Transition from survival emotion reactions to responses filled with love.

Develop profound acceptance and inner peace.

Foster growth in love and empathy, enriching your interactions and relationships.

Begin Your Transformation:

Initiate your journey with the Tender Loving Care program by reaching out to us at info@soulcentredkinesiology.com.au or through WhatsApp at +61450200671.