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November 02, 2022 2 min read


It was stress that created a TMJ problem where my jaw now has a click.

It was stress that created a iron deficiency and caused skin, hair and other systems of the body to deplete.

It was stress that affected the digestive system and therefore a cascade of hormonal imbalances.

It was stress that created postural misalignments, fatigue and muscular issues that took me years to rehabilitate.

I’m here to delete survival mode & victim consciousness.

I’m also here to activate the soul and your soul calling.

Truth Downloads, feel as you read this meditation.

Congruency between your head and heart is the key to living an authentic, healthy and divinely guided life.

How do we get our head to work with our heart?

DECIDE....with complete conviction and announce your decision to The Creator, the unseen world/forces, to darkness, to light, to yourself as the observer and yourself as the Observed.

Here we go...say yes to this download:
“I am living, breathing, communicating, expressing, moving, thinking and feeling my hearts desires.

My head, heart and gut work as a team in making choices and decisions of my highest, most loving and best good in an easy way.

I surrender my life to the path of my heart and allow the virtues of bravery, courage, creativity and awareness to guide me in the direction where my heart sings it’s most loving tune.

I am whole. I have integrity. My words and actions match my truth and values.

I listen to my truth, accept my truth and express my truth, easily and lovingly.

I honour myself , I honour life, the universe and every person who reflects the truth of my existence.

That truth is oneness.

I have reverence for life.

Every moment is sacred.

Every moment is precious.

There will never be another moment just like this.

I am grateful and blessed to have this body, my health, this life and the people in my life who assist me in growth, love and transcendence.

I know what transcendence feels like.

I choose to follow my heart and respect my head and gut.
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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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