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November 21, 2022 2 min read

Wuji is the state right before things are created. It is often translated as "before creation." The Chinese character wu means without or emptiness, and ji means limit or border. In terms of quantum physics, it could be called the "field or source of infinite possibilities, from which our attention and intention can create anew."

In Daoism, Wuji also refers to the energy field that exists before time and space.

When we practice Wuji meditation, we connect with this energy field-the source of life itself. The idea is to feel the whole universe within you which is also the experience of emptiness (kenosis) and fullness. It is from this wholeness and nothingness we can create our art through the downloads of the cosmic intelligence.

Breathing into your dan tian (the centre of your lower abdomen) activates the body's healing and creativity ability in all aspects-physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

This is because when you breathe into your dan tian, you are connecting with your original nature or divine inner being.

Your divine inner being is where healing begins. It is an energy field that connects you with all things in existence.

I have decided for the next 3 days I am offering the lower dantian transmission (12 meditations and activations) for free for those who comment below, tag who can benefit from inner alchemical healing or DM me. You will be messaged access.

The reason I am offering this course for free is because I’m currently in the making of PART 2. Inner Alchemy: Middle Dantian!!!

I am so excited about this because the first transmission has had incredible results. I have too many testimonies on how it’s changed and transformed people.

If you would like access to this short course: comment below, tag a friend or DM me.

Sending you all divine love and goddess Sophia energy (wisdom).
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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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