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October 26, 2022 2 min read

You are multi-talented, multi-dimensional, so unique in all the ways that make you brilliant.

Your so multi-skilled, so incredibly gifted, that it’s almost an injustice, a dam outright outrage to place yourself in the box of “I’m not enough” or “what it is that create…it’s never enough, it can be better”.

Let me tell you that the wake up call: There is soooo much that you actually offer, that even words cannot bundle up all that goodness, and you know what, who cares, because it’s all in your presence anyway. You hold the keys of your brilliance all in being your present self.

You have the gift of prophecy. Yes your the messenger and the voice / channel of divinity.

You have an oracle sight, a special and unique perspective that only you embody and only you. That oracle sight that you hold changes lives, recreates the world as you know it, shifts the frequency of humanity all from the truth of who and what you are— THE sacred vessel that you are.

You are a true goddess, a priestess, a medicine woman, deeply connected to the higher truths, your touch, your smile, your moves, your presence….opens hearts and creates safety to those who are yet to awaken to the truth of love.

You are the lover, the warrior, the alchemist, the magician, the artist, the creator, the sovereign, the liberator, the mystic, the genius, the shaman…your soul talents are infinite & continue to expand with every breath you take.

You are you, the one that embodies, lives and breathes all of these sacred gifts, all into one unique self expression. Your human, is sacred too & what you have been through…as a human is all part of your art.

Today is the day, you claim your brilliance.

Today you claim your leadership.

Today is the day you claim your own pure love to your self.

Today is the day, you tell your shadow critical voice that dismisses your true value and invalidates your true brilliance - NO

“ I refuse to play small, dilute myself to fit in/ play nice/safe and try to humble myself from the truth. The truth is I am the icon”.

“My essence is iconic. I am the medicine. I am the presence. I am the genius. I am the ultimate self. I am my own archetypal wise woman”.

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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