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October 26, 2022 2 min read

Divine Downloads activating spaciousness in your life and your unique—non replicated—innovative —sacred artistry.

Your words are art that hold medicine to your soul people.

Your essence infused in your work is art that expresses your divine message and unique flavour of magic.

Your spontaneous moves are art holding power in the knowing of not knowing.

Your spirit is art.

Your messaging and poetry is art.

Your relationships are art.

Your clients are art.

Your sacred work is art.

Your life and gratitude is the art.

Art frees your consciousness.

Art disrupts the paradigm and brings in the new.

The new upgrades the old.

Art reveals the beauty and awe, altering our brain chemistry and activating spiritual awareness to the truth beyond the thought.

Art transcends. Art opens the heart. Art heals.

Creating your offers, your spaciousness and your self expression as art holds the wisdom of the ages.

Creating from soul is our superpower.

Creation from the genius beast within is our euphoria.

Witness the light in your heart expand to infinity and beyond and allow your wild creative genius bring all your original ideas into precision, form and beauty.

Trust every move you make is bringing that one unique jigsaw puzzle piece together into the whole.

This is your time for the creative process to fully be unleashed.

Keep your eyes and hands on the craft.

Free your mind to stillness.

Listen to genius and body.

Move on genius only. Your loyalty is here and here only.

Create the new.

Sit in the frequency of your creation.

Feel it’s essence and trust it completely.

The healing journey is really the conscious creation journey.

We hold all the power to craft our reality, life, sacred business and masterpieces exactly to the finest detail from our inherent creator within.

Claim your creator mode. 


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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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