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January 10, 2023 1 min read

A poetic and hypnotic activation for the souls on the journey of soul magic meets purpose, infinite mind, truth, self-expression, divine love and light.

And here’s another one to activate and unlock the frequency of truth from within:

As you sit in stillness,

Breathing deeply,

You allow yourself to connect,

To the infinite love within.

Your soul purpose begins to awaken,

As you tap into your unique gifts,

The healing abilities that are yours alone,

The magic that is yours to own.

You are a vessel of love,

A source of light and inspiration,

Here to share your unique flavour,

With the world, with every nation.

As you embrace your highest self,

You open up to infinite potentiality,

The power to create and heal,

To live with purpose and clarity.

So let go of all doubts and fears,

And allow yourself to shine,

Embrace your sacred abilities,

And let your light truly shine.

For you are a being of infinite love,

A force of great power and grace,

So step into your purpose,

And let your light shine in every place.


Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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