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July 29, 2022 3 min read

Are you ready to break free from your weight-loss journey and allow the pure awareness of your being be the source of your weightlessness? 


It's time to stop restricting, over-exercising your thinking, and obsessing over your physical body and how you don't look and feel the way you wish you could.


Let's work together to deepen your spiritual practice and shift the relationship with your body, consciousness and movement, so they're not a source of stress or frustration—but rather a source of joy, ease and confidence. Let's tune into the energy of food, so that it nourishes us on an energetic level as well as physically.


And let's explore what it means to truly bring magic into our lives: not just through our careers or purpose, but also in our friendships, relationships, and everyday experiences. What if everything we encountered could be infused with the energy of beauty, love, creativity, wholeness and meaningfulness? What if every conversation had more depth than just words? What if we were able to find opportunities for growth and transformation even in our most mundane activities?


If this sounds like something you want in your life...come join me in our new channelled program Weightless. 


A 5 part series delving into the high energetics of the auric body beginning with the physical and emotional body, where we delve into 6 weeks of activation of your personal goal in physical healing, emotional healing and weight release, allowing the confidence that is naturally within you to grow and your spiritual glow to awaken, unlocking parts of your truth that have once been hidden from view. 


We are diving deep into your spiritual practice and the high energetics of weightlessness opening up the life force your truly desiring from your core - ease, abundance, joy, inspiration, flow, power and connection with the divine source on a level that you can feel is complete. 


With this completion energy as the foundation to all the things you are desiring to magnetise into your life, you have unrelenting trust that it is done from your guts, your bones and your true inner knowing that is unshakable. 


You can finally remove and delete the old outdated programs where you feel there is something missing in your life, something wrong with you and all the assumptions as to how you get to that place within you where you finally can just be as you are and love every part of you, submitting to the possibilities that deep down you know are available for you, that vision that is ready for embodiment. 


Here, you finally trust the changes that are happening for you, without having to wear any mask to convince others of your value because your body is in its full potency, vibrancy and power on all levels and dimensions. Therefore there is no more force, or an uphill battle or hustle to have what you want, as you feel and know that you are on the path of truth and the truth will lead you in the most iconic way forward. 


You finally allow the pulse and current of your divine self steer you in the beautiful and blisful life you wish to experience in every  moment of your now as you build the legacy your here are here for, all in your body. 


As your body transforms within this 6 weeks, your life transforms with it. 


You become the wholeness magnet for the magic and you feel safe to claim and take ownership for the opportunities that are unique to you without it needing to look like someone else's experience or template for thriving. 


You finally live as your authentic self and love the body you live in. 


As a result of the true presence and awareness that comes online from the journey of transformation, you are more in tune, present and aware of the energetics of eating, movement, relationships, career and lifestyle which completes and fulfills you, as you trust your living your purpose with direction, guidance, limitless energy, rooted and at home. 


At home in your body....


At home in your spirit......


At home with your glow.


Weightless program applications close on 1-08-22. 


Join the Weightless program this 8/8/2022


$888 for 8 weeks 


Purchase through Web Only and access the course via the Soul Centred Portal - Mighty Networks App


Secure your spot here: https://soulcentredkinesiology.com/pages/weightless 



Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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