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May 03, 2022 1 min read

Are you ready to live your sovereign self?


Say Yes to these downloads & codes!


I have learned that language is not a limitation, but an opportunity to play with life.


I have learned that everything is energy and vibration, and that I can play with this—and shape the world around me—by how I use my words.


I have learned how to own my identity and step into the full power of my sovereignty, which is natural and godly, harmonious and timeless.


I have learned how to be a shapeshifter: no longer limited by the identity I've created out of my mind.


I have learned to collapse my identity so I can be as simple as possible: no stories to tell, no beliefs to defend. Just the natural shapeshifter that I am by nature.


I have learned that what I believe about myself and what is happening in my life is always an illusion generated from the past conditions of my reactions to the world around me.


I have learned how to live in the moment, here and now, free from old conditioning. Free from duality. Free from judgment. Free from needing anything outside of myself for happiness or validation or security.

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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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