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November 24, 2022 1 min read

Downloads from the goddess SHEKHINAH. Allow beauty and art be your business and life model.

Forgive yourself for not being the friend to others you wish you could be. Give yourself the sacred space to have nourishing and fulfilling friendships of giving and receiving.

Surrender to love.

As you read, absorb the healing potentialities encoded in this sacred meditation, allow yourself to heal through love and the divine feminine power. The divine feminine power is mysterious and infinite, trust in her blessing to you.

The Mastery of Zen is an inner process that can be achieved through patience, persistence, and a willingness to be self-aware. It is not about perfectionism or success—it's about endurance.

The Mastery of Zen is a commitment to a curved-line pursuit of excellence. Mastery does not aim for a peak point or a punctuated moment in time, but rather a constant and unending journey toward ever-increasing levels of skill and understanding.

Mastery requires endurance because it requires patience, persistence and self-awareness. It requires an ability to see yourself clearly and accept yourself as you are—and to continue working toward improvement without judgment or expectation. Mastery is not about perfectionism or success; it's about being able to look at yourself honestly and say "I am enough."

Clinic note: last day to have access to Inner Alchemy (12 short & long meditation journeys healing the Lower Dantian, Intimacy, Vitality and your internal roots).

DM me, comment below for access or tag a friend. This journey holds healing frequencies of truth.

Unconditional Love heals everything. #unconditionallove #lowerdantian #zen #dao #threetreasures #elixirfields #middledantian

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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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