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January 11, 2023 2 min read

Energy Codes, healing & balance. Consciousness Cleanse & Purification.

1. I know how to filter out distractions and focus on what is essential in my life.

2. It is safe and possible for me to prioritise my needs and boundaries.

3. I am worthy and deserving of clear communication and healthy relationships.

4. I know how to feel my emotions without getting overwhelmed or lost in them.

5. I understand the Creator's perspective and definition of abundance, harmony, and well-being.

6. I trust my ability to discern truth and navigate complex situations with grace and wisdom.

7. I release any grief or sadness that has been holding me back from fully embracing my authentic self.

8. I allow myself to be vulnerable and open to connection with people I value.

9. I let go of any misunderstandings or negative beliefs that have caused communication issues in my relationships.

10. I embrace the power of my own consciousness and take responsibility for my thoughts and actions

* I know how to bring clarity to my thoughts and sift through information to find the pure truth.

* It is safe and possible for me to be organised and flexible within defined structure.

* I am worthy and deserving of feeling empowered and having a sense of balance in my life.

* I know how to feel my emotions and allow them to flow freely, without giving them too much meaning.

* I understand the Creator's perspective and definition of my purpose and path in life.

* I am able to communicate with my soul and spirit, and allow myself to be fully present in the moment.

* I let go of misunderstandings and judgmental attitudes, and embrace my authentic self around people I value.

* I have the ability to heal any heat-related conditions of the eyes, ears, throat, tongue, or breasts.

* I am able to overcome coma, stroke, or other states of unconsciousness, and fully regain my consciousness.

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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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