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Friendship Healing & Releasing Codependency Activation

February 01, 2023 2 min read

You are not alone, though it may seem so

Friends and support, they will come and go

But the love within, it's always there

A never-ending source, a beacon so rare

Codependency, a trap we all fall

Relying on others, to feel standing tall

But true strength lies, within our soul

Independence is key, to reclaiming control

Let go of the past, of hurt and pain

Open your heart, to love again

Allow yourself, to be fully seen

Embrace your vulnerability, it's where true healing begins

Nurture yourself, like a cherished friend

Treat yourself with love, until the end

For when we find peace, within our heart

The love of others, will no longer be a part

So stand tall, and proud, with head held high

Shine your light, into the sky

For you are worthy, of all love and care

And a supportive community, will soon be there

Remember always, that you are enough

With self-love and acceptance, you'll rise above

The feeling of loneliness, and find inner peace

Embrace your independence, and set your spirit free.

You are not alone, dear friend, let this truth be known

Support and friendship, they do exist, it's just a matter of where they are shown

Take a step back, look within yourself

The love and strength you hold, it's time to delve

Codependency can hold you back, it's time to break free

Discover who you are, your own identity

Take care of yourself, mind, body, and soul

Nourish your spirit, and let yourself grow

Make self-care a priority, take time to unwind

Do things that bring you joy, peace of mind

Invest in your passions, and what you love to do

Fulfillment is key, and it starts with you

Surround yourself with positivity, and let negativity go

Focus on what brings you happiness, and let your light glow

Remember that your worth, it does not depend on anyone else

You are enough, just as you are, and it's time to be yourself

Friends will come, when you are true to you

And the love you give yourself, will shine like the morning dew

So trust the journey, and take it one step at a time

You are strong and resilient, and you will be just fine.

#healingcodependency #identity #selflove

Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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