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Healing the Heart Activation & Poem

February 01, 2023 1 min read

Oh love, sweet love, come to me,

Heal my broken heart and set me free.

Make the mundane magic once again,

And let my heart become wise and Zen.

Let life be my mystical experience,

And let me embody a life without pretense.

Limitless and free, let what I desire,

Come to me, with love's warm fire.

So mote it be, let it be done,

With love, my heart, forever won.

With every breath, I feel it rise,

With love, I am alive and wise.

From the ashes of a broken heart,

Love will rise and play its part.

It will mend the pieces with its light,

Making everything feel alright.

With love in your heart, you'll see,

A world of magic, wild and free.

A world where the mundane is transformed,

And your heart, once broken, is reborn.

With love, your heart will be a guide,

Leading you to wisdom, truth and pride.

Life becomes a mystical ride,

And you'll see that you are limitless inside.

With love, you'll feel so alive,

Every moment, pure pleasure and thrive.

Gratitude, peace, and feeling seen,

Will be the gifts love will bring.

#sobeit #moteitbe #itisdone #prayer #poem #healing #infinitelove #selflove #loveforself #traumarelease #love

Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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