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February 02, 2023 1 min read


The gift I've found, and what I'm learning,

Is how to live my life, with love discerning.

Disconnecting from others' pain, so bright,

And finding peace, in stillness, day and night.

Revisiting my sensuality and grace,

Connecting deeply, with a smile on my face.

With dance and movement, a routine I bring,

Adding joy to life, and letting my soul sing.

Focusing on me, and what I truly need,

Unattached, and free, with love, I now lead.

Manifesting love, and what I truly want,

With trust and faith, I'm moving, with a heart that is my confidant.

Releasing resentment, and letting it go,

Trusting the journey, and the path I know.

Living on my own, with financial peace,

With confidence and grace, I'm never on my knees.

Taking time to reflect, and make the right choice,

With strength and courage, I'm hearing my true voice.

Having strong boundaries, and being true,

With friends who honour me, and love that's true.

Surrendering to destiny, and trusting the path,

Allowing love to ignite, and find its aftermath.

Communicating truth, and standing strong,

With love and respect, where I belong.

So let this healing journey begin,

With love, and light, and a heart that's win.

Embracing my life, with all I've got,

With gratitude, and grace, and love, that cannot stop.

#healing #energybalance #infinitelove #healinggenerationaltrauma #openheart #openmind #willingness #divinelove #unconditional #selflove #selfcare #goddess

Elizaveta Admin
Elizaveta Admin

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