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June 14, 2022 2 min read

Master points for brain function, clarity, brain/heart integration, calmness, emotional healing and reconnection to self.

Governing Vessel 20, 24 and Yin Tang are primary brain & higher chakra points in Kinesiology/TCM practice.

In many cases, these points alone can support the integration of our healing and balancing goal by holding whilst processing emotions, thoughts, feelings and situations we may feel emotionally charged, confused or defensive about.

By holding these points, one after another, individually or in pairs whilst meditating, visualising, breathing, being "at-one" with the present moment and reciting the associated downloads relevant to each point, we can effectively ensure the brain is at a suitable level of function to communicate efficiently with the nervous system and coordinate muscle response (create homeostasis).

These points deal with any confusion, stress, spatial disorientation, and left/ right, up/down and front/back brain confusion.

GV20 is the highest point on the body. It is said that the spirit enters through this point at conception and leaves through this point at death.

GV20 connects deep into the brain and is a major connecting point, with connections to four other channels.

The traditional meaning of the point relates to the 100 aspects of spirit joining in unified action. It is the key point for mind/brain/spirit integration.

GV24 is said to be the seat of the Niwan aspect of brain function, ie. The concrete reasoning aspect of brain function. It connects directly with the reasoning centres at the front of the brain. It is an important point for reasoning through emotional stress and thus relates partly to the reasoning- emotion connections within the brain.

By holding this point and saying YES to the associated psychology, you can balance:

heart-brain and mind-spirit aspects of brain,
higher order thinking,
connects with the brain survival centres (the limbic system and brain stem) relates especially to brain integration and coordination of function,
concrete reasoning,
logical thinking and analysis reasoning through emotional stress.

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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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