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October 07, 2022 1 min read

When you shift your paradigm and how you see things aka "upgrade your vibrational reality to the highest truth", the space within you and around you transforms in ways that you could never imagine. 


Yes, the unimaginable is truly what you crave in your business as a Soulpreneur as well as in your relationships, your spiritual evolution, your health, your self-expression, and the life force that you are. 


It all gets to be pure wonderment, play, joy, reverence, awe, aliveness and even euphoria if that's a code you would love to embody of course. 


The more joy you have, the more weightless you are. 


Yes, sometimes "shedding" may also mean the death of the old. 


It is worth it when you know that on the other side of it, is something vast, spacious, and deeper than you have ever experienced before.


Freedom, love, knowing, trust, expansion...feeling home. 


It's an unexplainable and inconceivable experience. Magic at its finest. 








Zen Experience: https://soulcentredkinesiology.my.canva.site/zen-experience

Sacred Journeys 1:1: https://soulcentredkinesiology.com/pages/book-now

To enrol to our weightless support program: https://soulcentredkinesiology.com/pages/weightless

To book 1:1 weightless coaching: https://soulcentredkinesiology.com/pages/book-now

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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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