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November 11, 2022 2 min read


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I trust my alchemist completely.

I don't impose what the creation wants of me.

I allow the creation to move through me.

I see and don't see the bigger picture and that's the perfection right here.

That…. I have no idea what power is weaving itself for the greater whole, and yet I know this integral pull and urge from my body is taking me to that one puzzle piece that brings it all together or even shatters it completely.

The old spiritual paradigm is over and magic has its own agenda.

An agenda that you cannot predict yet fully trust, you can feel it.

You can feel the pulse of truth.

I know you’re playing the game, and I’m here to help you find your way to an entirely new game, one that feels juicy to play.

You don’t have to continue living a life or identity where you constantly feel like something is missing.

Like you cannot fully express yourself because it matters to you, what others think, how you come across, how perfect you have to be, all the things you need to do to be of value. It's all watering down your message and weighing your alchemist down.

You know this as well as I do: when we’re engaged in our purpose in this moment only, our true selves emerge and shine through. When we live from a place of authenticity and integrity, our lives become richer and more satisfying than we can actually imagine.

It gets to change moment by moment and that's the beauty of our true nature.

You're always here and It all starts with getting really honest about what you really want, not a should or a have to or a must or a need to.

What do you want if there were no limits to how your realm gets to be expressed?

I want you to give yourself permission to live a full life now, not later; one that honors your truth and makes room for everything that matters most in your heart and shreds everything that no longer is relevant to your consciousness now.

And you will be required to operate this way, to expand beyond the limits of perspective. You want magic?

Magic wants you too.

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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