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November 11, 2022 2 min read

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Sinking into Wuji is more than simply being in a meditative state or even being "in the moment."

It's a place where all things are one thing, and there is no separation between the observer and the observed.

It is a state of perfection, the ultimate understanding that nothing can be perfect until everything is perfect—and that you are everything.

So how do you get to that state? Three simple steps:

1. Be still—in your mind and body, let go of thought and action, and allow yourself to sink into silence and darkness.

2. Find divine neutrality by realising that within this darkness, there is light; within this silence, there is sound; within stillness, there is action; within being nothing, there is everything. Realise that all things are equal in their inherent nature—that all things are one thing, not many things—and allow yourself to be at peace with whatever arises around you from this place of non-judgmental oneness with everything.

3. Observe through pure awareness for as long as possible without losing neutrality or falling back into judgment or comparison, or choosing any side over another side. Your ability to observe through pure awareness is your power of choice and wholeness.

We feel at peace when we're whole—no judgment, no comparison, no choosing one side over another.

We're just aware and accepting of what is, without fighting or resisting any part of it.

In this state, there are no divisions between right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark, love and hate, or anything else that we use daily to "choose" how we feel. We just… BE. And in this state of being, we're whole.

Nothing is missing from our experience because nothing is missing from ourselves concerning the universe around us.

We are at peace with everything that arises because there is no judgment about what it means for us as individuals or the world. #neurolymphaticmassage #wuji #chinesemedicine #kinesiology #healing #healthylifestyle

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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