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December 23, 2022 1 min read

An energy balance that moves you into a theta and delta state. Be sure to read these codes when your relaxed and not driving.

Feel as you read. Relax as you read and realise that your being asked to make lifestyle changes through the path of least resistance meaning, let it be unconscious, let your moves be effortless, let the creator move through you, let source energy take you through the breakthrough your after.

Now is the time to “be”.

Now is the time to rejuvenate.

Now is the time to feel inspired.

Now is the time to plant the seed for 2023 and feel the feelings.

Now is the time to smile. Now is the time to witness magic.

Now is the time to give.

Now is the time to evolve out of the mind and jump right into the heart.

Now is the time to love and be loved.

Soul Centred Kinesiology Clinic Update:

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Topics: business, health, self-worth, spiritual practice, new consciousness, yoga, mysticism, 5 elements, qi gong, goddess work, kinesiology, embodiment, new downloads, source energy transmissions, numerology, NLP activations and therapy, alchemy, auric balances, sound therapy.

DM me.

- We have a new round of energy healing, coaching and practitoner mentorship support and journeys, working on your business and confidence as a practitoner and coach, releasing all limitations and unleashing your unique flavour of genius and magic with style and grace. (Some of you are ready however have fears, let’s alchemise it).

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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