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March 30, 2022 2 min read

“Lisa is highly intuitive, gentle, and skilled! Her kinesiology sessions are thorough and wholistic. She systematically helped me to uncover some blockages that were in my subconscious. Lisa gave me simple tools and advice to help me develop greater wellbeing holistically. I trust and respect her expert knowledge and compassionate nature. I recommend her to anyone who seeks more clarity and improved health.” – Penny V
Soul centred kinesiology
Soul centred essences
Soul centred portal: resources &support
mentorship 3-6 pack sessions 1:1
Soul centred clinic: in house 1:1 sessions Sydney
Genius membership: monthly masterclass /healing
Dark goddess health retreat: healing the divine feminine
Meditations library for self-realisation & healing
The Sacred Journeys Offering - 6 session pack/ mentoring.
We have journeyed 1:1 together for 6 sessions, and it has been a magical adventure of creation and letting go.
6 packaged sessions are now open for all desiring a new adventure of transformation, wholeness, truth, alchemy, art, healing, growth & Empowerment.
Having had a mentor help me on my journey was the best thing I ever did for myself. The best investment I have ever committed to.
I truly know what I'm made of, and I have created the life of my wildest dreams because I chose to seek the support necessary for my expansion.
I'm helping my clients with their new healing business, coaching skills, confidence, health, moving out of survival or shadow/patterns, prosperity mindset and supporting them in their growth phase and how to consciously deal with /transform challenging life circumstances that they're currently facing.
Many clients I see are craving a shift in their lives- to have more purpose and meaning, start something new, open up a portal for growth, creativity and expansion, and heal at the same time from the saboteur or blocks that prevent them from true ease & development.
Sacred journeys
Link in bio 1:1 mentorship or check this link out:
Let your genius decide for you what's good for your soul.
Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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