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November 06, 2022 2 min read

Hey beautiful people,

Open will, open heart & open mind ❤️

No matter who you are, how much you can afford, whatever your circumstances are…I want you to know that you deserve to be happy, balanced, healthy, wealthy and stress free.

The past couple weeks I have been serving my community deeply, many friends, soul family members, family and people in the inner/middle circle have been experiencing the sessions I offer to process deep patterns of trauma and suppressed emotions/ fear /nervous system imbalances and I love to help.

I am here for you guys!

If you would like a session to release and transform your emotions and have more balance /liberate your body health & soul in your life, in business, relationships, self-esteem and etc however feel like it’s too much out of your budget, do not hesitate to get in touch anyway.

I have coupons, payment plans and scholarships at this time.

I’m transitioning my clinical sessions and what I am here to do and going back into the corporate world offering organisations wellness programs due to the vast skill set in HR and Well-Being I have acquired over the years, so clinic days (Thurs to Saturdays) will change next year along with many other projects and offerings.

The beauty is, this work I do, is embodied..meaning it’s who I am and how I operate! I choose love.

So feel free to get in touch for all the options I can offer you. I am determined to transmute any stressor you have.

To my friends and soul community/ family! I got you! #soulsessions

Thank you to Chiara my beautiful VA & Jay my life partner for helping me share the love vibration on to this planet, I am forever grateful for you ❤️🔥💫

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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