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January 11, 2023 2 min read

Prima materia, the raw and undivided essence

The source of all creation, the great goddess

Mother of all matter, the feminine divine

She is the foundation, the beginning and the end

She is the primal force, the energy that flows

The very substance of our being, the source of our soul

She is the alchemical power, the catalyst of change

The one who transforms, the great healer and sage

She is the key to self-awareness, the path to consciousness

The gateway to the divine, the key to our progression

For within her lies the secret, the way to true healing

The power to transform and evolve, to awaken and reveal

So let us honour her, the great prima materia

The source of all that is, the great cosmic theater

For in her lies the power, the strength and the grace

To heal and transform, to awaken and embrace

This poem speaks to the concept of the Prima Materia, or First Matter, as the source of all creation and the feminine divine.

It suggests that the Prima Materia is the raw and undivided essence that serves as the foundation for all matter and the catalyst for change and transformation.

This poem also suggests that the Prima Materia holds the key to self-awareness and the path to spiritual evolution and consciousness.

In alchemy, the process of transmuting the raw and undivided essence of the Prima Materia into purified and conscious matter is seen as a metaphor for the process of spiritual transformation and healing.

This poem invites us to honour and respect the power of the Prima Materia, and to recognise the role it plays in our own journey towards healing, transformation, and self-awareness. By working with this First Matter, we can access the power of alchemy and the transformative energy of the feminine divine to heal and transform ourselves and our lives.

This poem suggests that by the virtue of reverence to the Prima Materia and tapping into her power, we can awaken to the soulful secrets of healing and the divine, and embrace the journey of self-discovery and initiative growth.

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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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