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March 20, 2022 1 min read

We hear a lot about the importance of cultivating positive emotions.


But what is so wrong with our negative emotions?


After all, they are still part of us.


The Daoist perspective teaches that everything in life is valuable, even our so-called negative emotions.


Without them, we would be less connected with our humanity and unable to express ourselves as fully as we are capable of.


Our negative emotions have just as much to teach us as our positive ones, and they can be just as powerful in the right context.


In fact, it's arguably through our suffering that we grow most fully as human beings.


For example, someone who has never experienced sadness may not know how to appreciate joy or compassion for others who are going through tough times.


We need a wide range of experiences to develop into whole human beings.


Instead of trying to eliminate the negative from your life, take a moment to consider what you can learn from it.


What does it teach you about yourself? How can you grow from it?


Can you let go of the idea that sad or angry emotions are somehow wrong and embrace them for the valuable parts of who you are?


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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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