August 23, 2022 1 min read

In this next round of Sacred Journey (3-6 packaged sessions), we are going all in. 


All in: 


Transmutation of emotions that are toxic


Energy Medicine /Nutritional Diet plan that holds no restriction and is programmed at pure joy. 


Lifestyle activation that honours the soul and spirit. 


Healing that uplifts and liberates the spirit 


Upgrade the consciousness with a revolutionary paradigm shift. 


Awaken a complete new operational system via a new body that operates via portals not chakras. 


Create a soul led journey that honours rest, relaxation, serenity, abundance of love and connection to the unconditional love that nature offers. 


Resolving all imbalances on a chemical, energetic, emotional, mental and physical level through the healing power of spirit and light. 


We are activating divine life purpose, crafting our true and authentic self expression, releasing all foreign voices and supporting your growth in relationships. 


We are also upgrading your mentoring skills, your coaching skills and your creatorship consciousness. 


Empowerment that feels delicious and personal support for true expansion that will catapult you to the transformation and vision you know you are here for.  


Can you feel, taste, see, hear, smell it? The expansive you? 


Are you here for the extraordinary life you know to be true for you?


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Divine alchemy:

Sacred journey mentorship:


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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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