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December 06, 2022 2 min read

So, you want to refine your practice of pure presence?

First thing's first, though—you're going to have to get over yourself.

You're going to have to realise that no amount of external validation can compare to the internal work that goes into feeling whole and complete in your own individual expression.

The truth is, nothing really matters—yet everything does. There are no "right" answers, but there are infinite possibilities for growth and change simply waiting for us in the present moment.

And it's up to us to decide whether we'll let them knock us off our feet or if we'll embrace them with open arms and give them a warm welcome.

We need to remember that meditation isn't just something we do on a yoga mat—it's a practice of being present in every moment, even when it seems like the world is literally falling apart around us.

It's what allows us to find calm amidst chaos, even if that chaos comes from inside ourselves in the form of constant self-criticism or feelings of anxiety and depression.

Wuji (infinite intelligence) is about embracing our authentic selves without fear of judgment from others or worrying about what will happen if we perceive ourselves to fail at something new.

It's about trusting yourself beyond the vision, expectation, construct, and external feedback you believe is necessary to be in acceptance and peace with where you are now.

Ask yourself where your source of power is at every given moment.

Observe with divine neutrality whether you're making moves from your highest integrity and purest source of self (without conditions).

Or are you creating from the self-imposed limitations that arise from attachment, desperation, a split ego mind, guilt, shame, false inspiration, limiting identity, belief, or the "should", "need", "have to", and fear of the consequences.

You can trust yourself in every moment to be guided by your divine genius.

You can also claim your power as creator and know that every given moment is an opportunity to train yourself as master of your realm, master of your domain, coder of your experience and creator of your world.

“I own & trust the magic”

“I trust myself no matter what”

Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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