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September 05, 2022 2 min read

What if your weight-loss journey was actually a spiritual journey?


What if you could break free from the past, release old habits and patterns, and step into a new way of being that allowed you to be lighter, freer and more joyful in every area of your life?


I'm inviting you to take a leap of faith with me.  Instead of focusing on what's not working or what you're missing out on, let's explore what truly makes us feel alive and connected to our truest selves. There are no right answers here—just an invitation to go deeper into yourself, so that you can come out into the world with more confidence, clarity and joy.


Are you ready to break free from your weight-loss journey and allow the pure awareness of your being to be the source of your weightlessness?


It's time to stop restricting, over-exercising your thinking, and obsessing over your physical body and how you don't look and feel the way you wish you could. Let's work together to deepen your spiritual practice and shift the relationship with your body, consciousness and overall wellness. 


 Can you feel the weightlessness of your breath?


Can you notice how it expands with each inhale and contracts with each exhale?


Can you feel the weightlessness of your body as it rests on the earth, held up by gravity?


Can you feel the weightlessness of your thoughts—the way they float off into space when you're not paying attention to them?


What does it mean to be weightless? It means having no weight or burden. It means being free from anything that weighs us down and keeps us from feeling light and happy.


How do we achieve this sense of lightness in our lives? The answer is simple: by doing things that make us feel good! We can do that by eating healthy foods and getting enough exercise, but there's more involved than just what goes into our bodies. We have to be mindful of how we move through our days, and pay attention to the way we interact with others. When we're mindful like this, we realize that everything we experience can be made better by adding a little love and joy into it.


When you start practicing mindfulness and self-care every day, things start feeling so much lighter! This changes everything—your relationships with others and yourself will become more positive.


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Chiara Quebral
Chiara Quebral

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